Dark Souls 3 gameplay showcase that features a zombie infested graveyard

This gameplay showcase is a supplement to my detailed Dark Souls 3 review, so if you're interested in learning how Dark Souls 3 fares in the eyes of a ~400 hours Souls veteran, give it a read/watch.

As for the gameplay below, it features a trip through a terrifying zombie infested graveyard where the enemies never stop coming, and the only option is to run. Have a look:

Final Fantasy XV Director would like to make the PC version far superior

We've learned a week ago that the PC version of Final Fantasy XV is not in development, a fact that should surprise no one given that FFXV has been in development hell for around a decade now, before the time when Japanese companies took PC gaming seriously.

However, there is some hope for the PC version as the recent interview with Final Fantasy XV's director Hajime Tabata showed that he is quite enthusiastic about not just developing a PC version, but making it far superior both in terms of quality and technology. Here's the full quote:

Offworld Trading Company is a economy based RTS

Offworld Trading Company showed up on Early Access as a quirky little game with an interesting premise, to dominate your opponents not through military might, but through some good old fashioned capitalism. 

That was over a year ago, however. The Offworld Trading Company of today is magnitudes bigger and more content rich than its humble start would ever indicate, and most importantly, is just about ready to launch for real on April 28. If you're interested in how all of that looks in action, the developers hold frequent streams showing off the gameplay, so have a look:

Dark Souls 3 tutorial and first area boss

Given that I'm still busy finishing up my Dark Souls 3 review, I figured I would give you a brief glimpse at what exactly all the fuss is about.

The video below represents the initial 20 minutes of Dark Souls 3, including the first boss and two challenging mini-bosses that can be found in the 'tutorial' area. I've tried to keep spoilers down to a minimum, though you will obviously see the boss and his mechanics.

Heroes of the Storm characters are free this week, and there's a 50% exp boost

Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm normally features the most annoying way of handling heroes in a MOBA, by having a small batch of them rotate each week with the rest requiring you to either pay or grind in-game currency, but due to the Heroes of the Dorm finals coming up they are offering them all for free.

So if you ever wanted to give Heroes of the Storm a try and see all it has to offer, now would be the perfect time as you will not only be able to play as any of the heroes, you will also earn 50% more experience which will transition in to further unlocks.

Battleborn open beta and DLC plans have been announced

Battleborn is the latest multiplayer focused shooter from the developers of Borderlands, and as you would expect, its presentation is... for the lack of a better word, batshit insane.

If you would like to give it a try and see what madness awaits beyond its Steam page, Battleborn's open beta will start on April 13 and run until April 18. Here's a relatively long gameplay/story trailer that will get you filled in on all of the details, and also overfilled on puns:

Dark Souls 3 Steam preloading is now available

Praise the Sun as the Dark Souls 3 pre-load is now available, a few short days ahead of its April 12 release. The download is around 20GB, which is surprisingly small given how much content is crammed in there.

The pre-load should be available for you right away, but if you're having issues like some folks on the Steam forums, all you need to do is restart Steam and the pre-load will manifest itself, provided you bought the game, naturally.

Don't Starve Together is leaving early access on April 21

Don't Starve Together, the co-op multiplayer version of the horrible-death simulator Don't Starve, is set to leave Early Access on April 21 as the developers have finally reached full parity with the base game.

After many months of working on "old" content, the team is now getting ready to start flexing their creative muscles, and begin work on an original expansion/update to Don't Stave Together, titled simply as Through the Ages.

Diablo 2's patch 1.14b has arrived

Blizzard's classic games team is at it again, this time around with the second official patch for Diablo 2 after many, many years of silence.

Today's update, titled simply as 1.14b, brings fixes aimed specifically at frame rate issues, Mercenaries, and Mac-client crashes. Here are the rather brief, but very welcome patch notes:

Dark Souls official boardgame is going to Kickstarter

Steamforged has announced that they are partnering up with Namco Bandai and developing an official board game set in the Dark Souls universe, which instantly makes me imagine a deck of cards where each one simply ready "x happens, and then you die", words that mostly summarize my Dark Souls 3 experience so far.

The Dark Souls board game will be appearing on Kickstarter later this month, and while this would usually be rather damning news for a new product, Steamforged have already managed to fund a board game with Kickstarter, a medieval fantasy version of football called Guild Ball, and deliver on all of their promises.