Total War: Warhammer regiments of renown artwork

Total War: Warhammer has recently been updated with an entirely new faction in the form of Norsca and their monstrous pets, as well as a variety of new Regiments of Renown designed to spice up the gameplay. As you might expect, this massive influx of new units quickly threw both the multiplayer and singleplayer balance into disarray, but worry not as there is a hotfix patch coming.

Before the patch arrives to the live version, however, Creative Assembly has decided to put it through a spin on the test servers. So if you're interested in helping out, or if you're just looking to read about the new changes, you'll find what you seek over here. On the other hand, if you're just interested in the balance adjustments, here they are:

Increase Mammoth (all) attack interval from 3 to 3.8

Increase cost of Marauder Hunters (Javelins) by 100

Reduce Ammunition of Marauder Hunters (Javelins) from 16 to 12

Increase cost of Daemonspew by 100

Reduce cost of Mirror Guard by 100

Increase Soul Devourer intercept range from 100m to 200m

Reduce Werekin Melee Attack by 5

Reduce Werekin Melee Defence by 5

Increase Werekin cost by 100

Increase Maws of Savagery by 200

Increase cost of Skinwolves by 100

Increase cost of Skinwolves Armoured by 100

Increase cost of Companions of Quenelles by 150

Decrease weapon damage by 2 and armour-piercing weapon damage of Battle Pilgrims by 1

Apocalyptic Charge ability now triggered once enemy is within 70m for two seconds

Added level cap to Krell Skills / Reduced Franz XP boost skill from 2 to 1

I don't spend much time playing Total War: Warhammer's multiplayer so my opinion might not be exactly relevant, but all of these changes do appear to be pretty damn accurate. Norsca has received some much needed nerfs to their Mammoths, skirmishers, and ridiculously powerful skinwolves, while Chaos still gets to play around with their equally powerful Forsaken and Chaos Spawn Regiments of Renown, albeit at a higher cost. The only change I'm not really happy about is Apocalyptic Charge, but I'll chalk that one up to me being completely clueless about the multiplayer meta. Either way, its going to be an interesting balance patch, for both singleplayer and multiplayer!