Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet official artwork without logo

Given the continuous popularity of the show it really shouldn't come as much of a surprise to hear that Bandai Namco has now announced a brand new third-person shooter RPG based on Sword Art Online. More specifically, the newly revealed Fatal Bullet will be based on the "Gun Gale Online" chapter and will feature many of the most iconic locations from the show.

If you're wondering how all of this is going to transition into actual gameplay, wonder no more as Bandai Namco has also released a brief trailer showcasing both the visuals and gameplay. Have a look:

The details are currently in short supply, but what I can tell you is that Fatal Bullet will be an entirely original story supervised by the series creator, Reki Kawahara. Story aside, there will be a variety of unique weapons to toy around with, as well as plenty of challenging bosses that will require multiple people in order to bring down. For those of you feeling particularly antisocial, there will also be a PvP mode that goes up to 4v4.

If you would like to learn more I would recommend heading over to the official website, though I'm afraid you won't find much when it comes to new gameplay information. As for the release date, you can expect to see Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet on PC and consoles in early 2018. Finally, here's a couple of images to send you on your way:

Sword Art Online screenshot of a giant sniper rifle

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet screenshot of a lightsaber attack

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet screenshot of a giant and dark city