Democracy 3's Africa expansion has been announced

[Update]: After nearly two years in Steam Early Access, Democracy 4 has now been released in full.

I'm sure that at some point in your life, most likely while showering, you thought how easy politicians must have it and how quickly you could fix up the country if you were in charge. Well, if you would like to put your theories up to the test then look no further than Democracy 3, a turn based political strategy game that grants you full control of all branches of government and expects you to deal with realistic issues and consequences for each and every action.

So far Democracy 3 mostly dealt with rather stable first world countries but how does the same concept work when you apply it to politically divided and potentially even unstable ones. This is the sort of question that gave birth to Democracy 3's stand-alone expansion Africa which, as you might guess, allows you to take control of various nations on the African continent and run them in to the ground through incompetence bring them to prosperity through clever policy making.

Here's a developer video briefly going over the its development and a bit more information on the game itself:

Heaven's Hope is an upcoming 2.5D point & click adventure

Despite trying to enjoy playing point & click adventure games for the better part of my life I could never get in to them, the combination of moon-logic and difficult puzzles proving too much for my FPS-addled mind. Ironically, I still enjoy them as a concept and like to keep up with interesting upcoming ones.

One such game is Heaven's Hope, a 2.5D point & click adventure game where you play as an Angel who has fallen down from Heaven and now needs to find his way back while avoiding the clutches of the maniacal inquisition. Here's the trailer and a bit more information:

Five Nights at Freddy's RPG FNaF world is currently free

I have to hand it to Scott, creator of the FNaF series, when he said he's going to make it up to people because of how unfinished FNaF World was he truly meant it.

After being pulled from Steam a couple of weeks ago the Five Nights at Freddy's themed RPG FNaF World is now available for free on Gamejolt in a beta state. Here's the trailer so you can get a better idea of what sort of madness FNaF World is up to:

The Flame In The Flood is an indie rogue-lite survival game based around river travel

The Flame in the Flood is an indie rogue-lite survival game that pits you against the flooded landscape of post-societal America. With food, medicine and worthwhile building materials in short supply you will need to constantly move downstream while evading predators, natural disasters and insanity as you attempt to survive in a world that isn't very interested in helping.

After going through a successful Kickstarter and Early Access campaign The Flame in the Flood is just about ready for its February 24th launch on the PC, Mac and Xbox One. Here's the trailer that accompanied the announcement and a bit more information:

Firewatch is now out, here's my list of the biggest pros and cons of the game

Firewatch is a very atmospheric narrative-driven adventure game that's all about hiking across beautiful landscapes and having a chat with your witty supervisor along the way.

I've spent my this weekend exploring its peaks and valleys and I found it to be rather lovely (you can read the full review here) so now that its officially released I'd like to bring the natural beauty of Firewatch to your attention.

Night in the Woods is coming this Fall

If the name sounds familiar you might be remembering Night in the Woods from its successful Kickstarter a few years back where it not only reached its $50,000 goal but quadrupled it instead and ended the 30 day campaign with a cozy $209,375.

After many years of work, and a couple of delays, the story focused adventure/exploration hybrid Night in the Woods is set to release this fall, as announced today on the developer's twitter. Here's the trailer so you can see what all the fuss is about:

Eastshade is a peaceful first person exploration game set on a mysterious island

After spending a lot of time playing Firewatch over the past few days (the review of which will be up tomorrow) I've gained a deep appreciation of games that focus on story and exploration of some rather beautiful places.

One such game is the recently announced Eastshade, a very stylish indie game that's all about exploring an interesting world as well as soaking in the atmosphere and story. Here's the announcement trailer:

Action puzzle-platformer N++ is coming to PC later this year

While I haven't played N++ I've probably spent over a hundred hours with its predecessor during the many repetitive lessons back in my high school "IT" class. It was a simple game with easy to understand controls and a difficulty hump so massive you needed climbing gear to get over it.

But overall it was an immensely fun experience so I'm glad I can tell you that the much improved and sadly PS4 exclusive N++ will be making its way to Steam later this year. While not officially announced just yet the co-founder of Metanet Software, Raigan Burns, said on NeoGaf that they are currently working on porting the game to Steam.

Here's the full message:

Puzzle-platformer Unravel is arriving to the PC, Xbox One and PS4 this February 9

Unravel was first announced and demoed at the most recent E3 and despite being a relatively small indie game it absolutely stole the show on account of its stylish design and great presentation by one of the developers.

A couple of months have passed since then and the cutesy puzzle-platformer Unravel is just about ready to be fully released this February 9th. Here's a video of a developer showcasing Unravel's gameplay mechanics:

XCOM inspired Xenonauts 2 has been announced

Xenonauts 1 was a turn based strategy game released back in 2014 and heavily inspired by the old XCOM series. Rather than simply copy the XCOM formula Xenonauts developers opted to go for a much more in-depth tactical experience and even though it definitely had some flaws it was a pretty fun game.

While there were rumors of Xenonauts 2 being in development for many months now, it has only recently been confirmed by the developers themselves. Xenonauts 2 is set to launch sometime in 2017 with an Early Access release coming in the next few months. Here's the currently known list of features: