Wartile screenshot of a fight next to a snowy cliff

In the most basic terms Wartile is an intriguing hybrid between a board game and a real-time strategy, with some card game elements mixed in for good measure. What this means in gameplay terms is that you need to carefully position your figurines, abuse their strengths and cover their weaknesses, help them out with powerful action cards, and then watch a whole bunch of tiny little men beat the ever-living daylight out of each other.

Since the concept itself is a bit strange, allow me to show you the recently posted launch trailer. It should give you a pretty damn good idea of Wartile is all about, and perhaps even more importantly, how cool it actually looks. Have a gander:

Now before you get too excited it is worth mentioning that Wartile is currently in Early Access, and as such is nowhere near finished. The current version features three different figurine classes with their own unique twist on the gameplay, the first quarter of the storyline, and thankfully multiplayer as well. However, before you're allowed to challenge other players you will first need to beat the campaign, though that's not exactly an unreasonable request for an RTS game.

If Wartile sounds like something you might enjoy you can find out more on either Steam or the official website. And finally, here's a couple of images to send you off:

Wartile screenshots of some close quarters combat

Wartile indoors combat screenshot

Wartile fighting on the beach

Wartile screenshot of the coastline zoomed in