Swarm Universe character customization menu

Swarm Universe is a fast-paced top-down shooter with a bit of a twist. All of your damage comes from a swarm that trails closely behind you, so in order to dispatch your enemies you will need to master the movement mechanics and get in sync with your deadly followers to get them to go where you want.

Since this is a bit of a strange concept allow me to show you how exactly this works in-game via the recently posted trailer. Before you dive in, however, I would recommend increasing the volume slightly as the soundtrack is pretty damn good. Anyway, here's the video:

Gameplay aside, the most interesting thing about Swarm Universe is its focus on customization and modability. It features a level editor that allows you to create 3D geometry by drawing 2D shapes on the ground, new enemies can be created and designed via a powerful configuration tool, and there are even redstone-like logic circuits to give you plenty of options when it comes to creating custom maps. Combine this with Steam Workshop support and you've got a rather impressive set of modding tools, especially for an indie game!

Swarm Universe will be releasing on March 30th, and if you would like to learn more I would recommend heading over to either Steam or the official website. And finally, here are some overly colorful images:

Swarm Universe screenshot of a bunch of pillars

Swarm Universe screenshot of a plus shaped level

Swarm Universe space spiders screenshot