Troll and I screenshot of a cave entrance

Troll and I is an action-adventure that follows the story of a rather unlikely duo: a giant troll and a teenage boy. Together they will need to journey through the lush forests of Scandinavia, fight a variety of enemies inspired by Nordic folklore, and naturally, deal with the occasional bit of light 'puzzling'. Since the focus is quite firmly placed on teamwork you won't be surprised to hear that Troll and I supports local co-op, but if you don't have any friends at hand, worry not as you will be able to swap between the two characters at will.

If you're like me and you're currently wondering how any of this even works, here's the recently posted launch trailer to hopefully fill out all the gaps. Have a look:

Before you get too excited there is one very important thing you should keep in mind, and that is the simple fact that Troll and I is a pretty damn expensive game! You wouldn't think so given the trailer, but Troll and I will set you back €50 in total, or €40 with the currently ongoing 20% discount. Add to this some fairly mediocre reviews and you've got yourself a game I would definitely not suggest buying at this price tag. After a heavy discount and a whole bunch of patches, however, it might be worth your time purely due to the co-op elements. Until that day comes I would recommend exercising patience.

If you would like to learn more about Troll and I, or just check out some gameplay videos, you can find what you seek on either Steam or the official website. And finally, here's a couple of images to round things out:

Troll and I screenshot showing local co-op

Troll and I combat screenshot

Troll and I screenshot of a basic puzzle