Druidstone screenshot showing some mysterious stones

Ctrl Alt Ninja, a group of designers, programmers, and artists who previously worked on the surprisingly awesome Legend of Grimrock games, have now come out to announce their next project - Druidstone: The Secret of the Menhir Forest. From what information is available so far it appears that Druidstone is going to be a turn-based CRPG with some roguelike elements mixed in.

Given the combination of genres it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to hear that Druidstone will use procedural generation to populate its world and dungeons. Sometimes you'll have extra paths available, other times you'll have to deal with more combat encounters than usual, but you also might just get lucky and only meet friendly people on your trek through the forest. Its all pretty basic stuff, but it has been proven to work time and time again, so you won't see me complaining.

As for the roguelike elements, the only thing known so far is that the world will change every time you die. This can take shape in the form of new enemies or different levels altogether, but also encounters that react to you being reincarnated! So not only will death be a part of gameplay, but it will apparently be a part of storytelling as well... a rather interesting idea, I must admit.

Druidstone will be released on Windows, but the release date has not been set just yet given that its still early in development. If you would like to follow its progress, or just learn a little bit more about the developer's vision for Druidstone, you should head over to the official website. And finally, here's a couple of the recently posted images:

Druidstone screenshot of the turn-based combat

Druidstone screenshot of the combat in a dungeon

Druidstone screenshot of a friendly NPC