Blazing Chrome screenshot showing a boss fight

If you're a fan of Contra, Metal Slug, or other such oldschool run 'n guns you might want to pay attention to newly announced Blazing Chrome. It is a 16-bit run 'n gun set in a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk world and filled with a wide variety of eighties looking enemies to dismantle, as well as a bunch of gigantic bosses to test your dodging skills against.

You can check out what Blazing Chrome looks like in action via the recently posted teaser trailer, which naturally comes with ridiculously over-the-top and cheesy action-movie sequences. Anyway, have a look:

Blazing Chrome is still in development so there isn't much information available right now, but what I can tell you is that it will bring with it 4 distinct weapons, three unique power-ups, and local co-op for two players. There will also be giant mechs you can commandeer, support for both mouse & keyboard and gamepads, as well as online leaderboards. There is probably going to be more stuff available, but that's pretty much everything I could dig up right now.

If you're interested in what the developers are capable of, however, you can find their previous works on Steam. Their first game Oniken also has a free demo available, and with generally positive reviews it might be worth checking out if you have the free time. As for Blazing Chrome itself, it seems that Facebook is the place for anyone looking to follow its development.

Blazing Chrome screenshot of co-op action