Blizzard will be meeting with the Nostalrius team

Blizzard's official comment on the whole Nostalrius/legacy server issue was rather disappointing, especially since their best-case solution involved taking pretty much the same problems people are complaining about, and then stretching them out in a halfhearted effort of emulating how things worked in vanilla.

There is a dash of hope, however, as Blizzard has agreed to meet with the Nostalrius team, as we've recently learned from Mark Kern - the ex vanilla WoW Team Lead who personally printed out the entire 200,000+ signatures petition and sent it to Mike Morhaime, CEO of Blizzard, and his former boss. As with all things these days, the announcement came in the form of a brief tweet:

"I'm pleased to tell you that Mike has replied, and we are meeting in the next couple weeks when our schedules align! @NostalBegins"

Its worth keeping in mind that simply agreeing to meet with the Nostalrius team doesn't have to mean anything big is going to happen, it could be a simple gesture of good will, or even a job opportunity for the obviously skilled and passionate team that managed to run one of the most popular private servers around.

Whatever the case, the wheels are now in motion and Blizzard is well aware of the community's requests for a vanilla WoW experience. Perhaps they will reach some sort of a licensing agreement with the Nostalrius team, or perhaps they are simply powerless to do so due to how messed up the copyright law is, but this is still the furthest vanilla WoW fans have ever gotten with their requests, and that alone is worth something.

For now, however,  all we can do is wait and see what the upcoming announcement from Nostalrius is going to be all about, and what exactly they will be discussing with Blizzard during their meeting.