FromSoftware's next game will be a cross platform & VR title

It was known for quite a while now that Dark Souls 3 would mark the end of the Dark Souls franchise and that FromSoftware are already working on a brand new game, though it was and still remains unknown if its going to be a new IP, or a resurrection of one of their older series.

The reason I'm bringing this up now is because a recruitment video got 'leaked' on Youtube recently, and it quite clearly shows that FromSoftware's new game is coming in 2017 to PC, Xbox One, PS4, and most interestingly, PlayStation VR! Here's the video, and you will find the relevant information near the end:


While I would love to see that 'Dark Souls in space' game Miyazaki mused about a couple of months ago, the inclusion of PlayStation VR as one of the launch platforms leads me to believe this is going to be a return to FromSoftware's roots, ie. a mech game.

The latest Armored Core game had a couple of interesting ideas, and some great gameplay mechanics, but the focus on motion controls and the Kinect unfortunately meant that the whole thing was a barely playable, and infinitely frustrating mess. So perhaps now, with improved motion controls and real VR devices available on the market, FromSoftware might try their hand once again at Armored Core, hopefully with less gimmicks and more tightly-wound gameplay.

Naturally, all of this is pure speculation on my part, but the thought of a modern FromSoftware game in VR is quite the exciting one, so here's to hoping it manages to actually deliver.