Terraria trailer is showcasing new the new grappling hook, crimson enemies, new graphics and more

I'm looking at my Steam account right now and it says I played 200 hours of Terraria, an absolutely insane number for what I originally thought would be a funny little 2D Minecraft clone. What I got instead was a rather unique game with plenty of things to do and regular content-filled patches that kept me hooked on it for months at a time.

And now, watching the teaser trailer for Terraria: Otherworld I can't help but feel that Terraria itch calling me to once more for a final playthrough. The trailer, titled Swing Grappling, showcases the new and improved grappling system, some rather pretty visuals and a scary new rendition of the Crimson, have a look:

The Ship developers are looking for some alpha testers to help them out this January

If you've never heard of The Ship: Murder Party you've been missing out. It is an online multiplayer murder mystery game where you are given a quarry to track down and kill while evading your own hunter in the process. The gameplay is probably best described as a sillier and more in-depth version of Assassin's Creed multiplayer but most importantly, it a really fun experience, especially with friends.

The reason I'm mentioning all of this is because I saw on Reddit that the developers Blazing Griffin are looking for more testers in order to ensure that the Remastered (or Remasted as they call it) version of The Ship ends up being as polished and as balanced as possible.

So if you're willing to give an improved version of The Ship a try for free while helping the developers out with some bug-finding now's your chance.

The Long War was a truly excellent mod so to see the team behind it branch off in to actual game making is great news

XCOM and its expansion Enemy Within occupied much of my time the past year, the combination of slick graphics and tactical decision-making simply proving too irresistible. However, as I played the games for the second and even third time it became quickly apparent that while the early game progression is satisfying the mid to late game simply goes by too quickly to ever enjoy properly.

This is where the Long War mod came in and completely revolutionized how I play XCOM. Suddenly there were even more classes, even more choices to have and an alien AI that was capable of matching me during long campaigns, in other words everything I wanted out of XCOM to begin with.

These two Witcher 3 mods allow you to play as other characters and even travel with companions

While you do briefly get to play as Ciri every now and then, many have been asking if CD Projekt could maybe make a new game plus mode with her completely replacing Geralt.

And while the mods showcased today don't exactly fit that bill (the voice-work will still be Geralt's) they will allow you to both play as different characters from The Witcher 3 as well as have some of them as companions so you don't go insane just talking to Roach all day.

Due to issues with the rights-holders GOG will be removing all Duke Nukem games come December 31

GOG is bidding farewell to some of the most classic oldschool PC games out there: Duke Nukem 1 & 2, Duke Nukem 3D, Balls of Steel and Manhattan Project.

The reason for this removal is some sort of issue with the rights-holders but GOG is working on bringing them back as soon as possible. All Duke games will be on sale until December 31 so if you're up for chewing some bubblegum and kicking ass now would be the time.

Race the Sun developers Flipply are looking towards their community to help them chose a new game to work on

Race the Sun, for those that never played it, is a runner-style racing game where you go forwards at breakneck speeds trying to avoid various hazards as you... well, try to race the sun. Its a relatively simple game but really well done and the few euros I spent on it I would consider well spent.

And now the developers behind it, Flippfly, are asking you to chose which of the prototypes they've prepared is worthy enough to become a fully fledged game. Here's a brief video from the developers explaining the concept:

This Week in PC gaming is a series of articles that cower the latest and most interesting PC gaming news

This Week In PC Gaming is an easy way to catch up with all of the news that you might have missed this week, organized in such a way that you can get a brief overview on all of the stories and from there you can jump to the ones you're interested in. And if you are interested you can also find out what happened the previous week by going here.

This week started off on a really high note given the amount of new releases and announcements that came around Christmas and while the past few days of food-induced coma were rather non eventful there's still plenty of interesting games and announcements to talk about.

Freedom Planet 2 has been announced along with a story trailer

If you don't know anything about it think of Freedom Planet as a modern Sonic game but actually done with love and passion. It is a fast paced action platformer with colorful graphics, tons of humor and plenty of challenges for you to conquer. While I don't see it mentioned online very often it still acquired quite the cult following since its 2014 release.

And now we have an official announcement for Freedom Planet 2 along with a trailer showcasing the story and the new big bad. Take a look:

Brutal Doom Update V20b adds a new 32 map-long campaign and various other improvements

I've talked about the upcoming Brutal Doom update about a week ago but despite being impressed with the increased brutality an performance improvements I wasn't aware of how much stuff was really coming with this update.

Brutal Doom v20b, despite it meek sounding name, brings with it a huge campaign spanning 32 maps, a rework and rebalance of the melee system, improvements to gib physics, destructible bodies, performance improvements and more. You can find the trailer and a quick overview right below:

The Witcher 3 HD texture mod update brings improvements to rock textures and more

With the post-Christmas lull in full effect and nothing of importance happening I opted to use a bit of my time and see what mods to grab for a new playthrough of The Witcher 3.

And as luck would have it the most popular HD texture mod, The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project by Halk Hogan PL, recently got a major update that makes the open world of the Witcher 3 even prettier so I felt I should showcase it to you if you don't frequent modding sites yourself.