No Man's Sky screenshot of the mysterious alien portal gateways

During my launch review for No Man's Sky I lamented its wasted potential and hoped beyond hope that someday Hello Games will be able to turn the starship around and create something truly amazing. While I don't think they've managed to reach that point just yet, I am incredibly happy to say that the latest No Man's Sky's update has greatly improved just about everything, while also adding a whole bunch of new content to explore!

There is now around 30 hours of new story content that doesn't involve racing to the center of the galaxy, a mysterious new interdimensional race to puzzle over, ancient gateways that allow instantaneous travel between worlds, greatly improved trading and space combat systems, smoother visuals, randomly generated missions with significant rewards, and the list goes on. Perhaps most importantly of all, this update has also finally added co-op to No Man's Sky!

Now before you get too excited it is worth mentioning that the co-op implementation is currently extremely basic. Other players will appear not as fellow travelers, but rather as strange floating orbs with very limited interactions. Its not much, but you'll still be able to see, communicate, and explore the universe with other players right besides you. As for the future, you can expect to see even further improvements to the co-op system, eventually leading up to full integration and the ability for players to simply stumble into each other as they explore the universe. It might take a while, but its a feature well worth waiting for!

Speaking of features, there are so many new changes and improvements that its pretty much impossible to cover them in brief. So if you're interested in all of the details I would recommend you head over to the official website. And finally, here's the recently posted preview video showcasing some of the new content in action. Enjoy!