StarCraft: Remastered official screenshot for the Protoss

StarCraft: Remastered, as you would expect from the name alone, is a complete overhaul of one of the most influential games of all time - StarCraft: Brood War. Once it arrives it will bring with it 4k graphics and support for modern resolutions, 1080p cinematics, proper keybinding support, as well as improved online matchmaking and ladder systems. Perhaps most importantly of all, StarCraft: Remastered will not be changing any of the original's gameplay elements, so everything from Mutalisk stacking to downright insane Dragoon AI will remain just as they are.

Since a lot of this is focused around the visuals and the presentation, allow me to show you what exactly StarCraft: Remastered is all about through one of the recently posted developer videos. Have a look:

If all of this has gotten you a bit nostalgic and you're now itching to give StarCraft another spin, you'll be glad to hear that StarCraft: Remastered will be arriving later today (August 14th). What might come as a bit of a surprise, however, is that it will only cost $15 - a far cry from the usual price AAA remasters tend to go for. While the pre-order window is rapidly closing, those of you wishing to put money up front will be getting a couple of new skins to decorate your main buildings with: the Korhal Command Center, Aiur Nexus, and Char Hive. You can find out more by visiting the official store page, but if you're just interested in the skins, here's what they look like:

StarCraft: Remastered preorder skins and cosmetics