• Guild Wars 2 Developers Detail Upcoming Features And Events

    Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns was rather disappointing as far as MMO expansions go, not because the content on offer was bad but rather because a lot of it ended up in the mystical realm of "coming soon".

    However, as you can see in the recent ...

  • Guild Wars 2 - First PvP League Has Begun

    Guild Wars 2's PvP scene hasn't been in a good place for quite a while after launch but it turns out extensive patching can indeed fix what what is broken as the PvP mode is now more popular than ever.

    And it would appear now that Guild Wars 2 is going to chase the esports dream with

  • Guild Wars 2 Is Getting Ready For Raids

    Despite being teased in the beta events for Heart of Thorns the raids (or raid, singular, in this case) did not ship with the expansion.

    Finally, after almost a month of what I can only imagine was extra time to polish and balance it, the first Guild Wars 2 raid, ...