Guild Wars 2's spring quarterly update is absolutely massive

When the Spring Quarterly Update was first announced I mentioned how Guild Wars 2 is in need of a truly titanic patch to correct all of the issues Heart of Thorns brought with it, and from what I can see here, it does not disappoint. And how could it, the patch notes span over 40 pages when copied in to Word, that's insane!

I would usually post the patch notes at this point, but given the size of the update there is simply no sense in doing such a thing, so if you're interested in all of the changes, from the big reworks to the most minute of bug fixes, you can find them over at the Guild Wars 2 forums. As for me, I will attempt to give you a quick glance at what exactly is being changed:

Heart of Thorns maps will now provide more rewards and experience

Many zones, events, and challenges have been changed in some way

Some adventures are now actually possible to complete with a gold rating, hats off to those that managed to do it prior to the patch

A whole bunch of new daily achievements have been added with the intention to get players to experience all sorts of content

Dungeons are back! Increased rewards, tokens, as well as repeatable daily achievements that offer plenty of rewards, including gold

Fractals are being changed in all sorts of ways, both in terms of rewards, challenge, achievements, map layout, and more

Every single player that purchased (or purchases) Heart of Thorns will receive a free level 80 character boost

 The looking for group system has been updated, actually supports raids now

Tons of PvP changes, both WvW, and standard arena PvP

Scribing doesn't suck your money away in to a black hole anymore, a lot of recipes are now cheaper

Finally, an absolute truckload (you're not thinking of a big enough truck!) of balance and general quality of life changes that are far too numerous to even mention

I'm still patching so I can't offer you any direct feedback on how these changes have impacted Guild Wars 2, but just from a cursory read of all the patch notes I can tell you that the next few months are going to be quite exciting, at least until everyone settles back in to a nice routine of hopefully not farming the bloody Silverwastes again.

If you own Heart of Thorns, but quit like me because it was starting to turn stagnant and, well... boring, now would be the time to return and give it a try once again, the Spring Quarterly Update seems to have addressed the majority of player complaints.