Heart of Thorns legendary weapons will not be coming

Before Heart of Thorns released ArenaNet was proudly announcing all of the new features, such as: a new set of legendary gear and weapons, a complete fractal rework and new fractals, a renewed focus on WvW, raids, and the third season of the living story which is to come soon after launch.

Six months later and the only quality, long-lasting content we've received are the raids, so I think you can understand why the community is going just sliiiighly bananas about AreanaNet's announcement that they have stopped developing the legendary weapons they sold the expansion with. Here's the message from ArenaNet's president, Mike O Brien:

"In the upcoming Spring 2016 Quarterly Update, we’ll launch the new legendary short bow, Chuka and Champawat. The team outdid themselves on this one. This new precursor journey takes you through a memorable experience inspired by a real-world story, and the bow you craft at the end is the perfect commemoration of that journey. I hope you all check it out.

Last year we talked about plans to gradually build out a second set of legendary weapons through live content updates. That’s a big responsibility. We have a team of six developers working on that, who could work on it for years to come.

As game director I have to make tough trade-offs. One thing I believe is that we have to focus on the core game first before taking on additional responsibilities. I wrote in the Guild Wars 2 Design Manifesto in 2010 that our vision was to create a living, dynamic world, where there’s always something to do. Let’s ensure we succeed on that front.

So, after shipping Chuka and Champawat, I’ve asked that we indefinitely suspend work on new legendary weapons. This team of developers will instead shift their efforts back to Living World style content, building new journeys and events for everyone to participate in."

I'm not even angry at point because I've spent €50 on a game that's about as finished as Spore, but rather disappointed at what should've been the crowning achievement of Guild Wars 2 turning slowly in to a noose that is choking the life out of a game I used to enjoy.

I've been with GW2 from launch, and by all accounts I would say that I had more than my money's worth with the base game alone. It was expansive, unique and it offered something no other MMO could at that point, a game where I enjoyed having other people around because they were never a detriment, but rather a companion to travel with.

Guild Wars 2 Dungeons have been nefed

Dungeons may have been grindy, but they were a great deal of fun to run on occassion

Even though Heart of Thorns was looking a bit sketchy at launch I still bought it because it was being made by ArenaNet, they've delivered on everything I could have ever hoped with GW2, how could they mess up such a simple thing as an expansion? Unfortunately, the answer was "with great efficiency" because for the first time in history, an expansion made the game smaller, grindier, and a lot more boring.

Dungeons were nerfed in to nothingness, fractals were reworked to be far more tedious than they used to be, WvW has been ruined by a PvE centric map, and the "run around and do some events" playstyle has been removed in favor of playing 2 hour long quest chains that may, or may not pay out in the end. Hats off to the raid team, however, as those folks have managed to do more with a 6 man team than ArenaNet as a whole has managed to do with 200.

I apologize for this piece being a bit more ranty than usual, but its a topic I care about greatly, and I would like this to serve as a warning against getting excited for the next Guild Wars 2 expansion, at least until its 100% certain we aren't being flat out lied to.