Guild Wars 2's big spring update is coming April 19

Guild Wars 2 is currently in the worst shape it has ever been. The entirety of its "massive" €45 expansion was devoured within a month, WvW is practically dead, dungeons have been scrapped, Fractals are worse than they were prior to the rework, and the best feature of Guild Wars 2, the free-flowing open world quests, have been put on a timer so if you can't dedicate 2 full hours to them then you can simply forget about getting any rewards out of it.

ArenaNet messed, and they messed up so bad that people have started comparing Heart of Thorns with Spore when it comes to pre-launch promises and reality. There is some hope in this sea of negativity, however, as Mike O Brien came out recently and stated that the big Spring Update will be arriving on April 19, and bringing with it numerous fixes the community has been begging for over half a year now.

Guild Wars 2 gliders

This has no relation to anything, I just love how goofy the Charr is

You can expect to see changes to Fractals, including a rework of the bland tiering system, as well as a revamp of the achievements tied to it. Scribing, the bottomless money-devouring pit will be adjusted with the intention of bringing the majority of prices down to reasonable levels, and most importantly, the WvW Desert Borderlands are going to be improved, and the old school Alpine Borderlands reinstated alongside it. Specific changes and details are unfortunately unavailable right now, but the full patch notes should be up in a day or two.

Here's to hoping this update ends up being everything we could've wished for because even though my respect for ArenaNet has sank through the floor I don't actually hate the game, on the contrary, I would love to see Guild Wars 2 return to its core principles the developers wrote down so many years ago, principles that made Guild Wars 2 a game I could spend hundreds of hours on without ever feeling bored.