Guild Wars 2 screenshot of a Jormag statue

[Update]: The second Guild Wars 2 expansion Path of Fire has now been announced. You can learn more by heading over here.

Thanks to a variety of leaks it has been known for a very long time now that Guild Wars 2 developers are hard at work on the second expansion, though the actual details are still unknown due to all of the wildly differing rumors. While today's announcement of an announcement doesn't bring with it any concrete information, it does feature the date on which all of that will be revealed!

Tomorrow, on August 1st, ArenaNet will be holding an official reveal for Guild Wars 2's second expansion on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. You can expect the stream to start at 9am PDT / 2am UTC, though don't be surprised if it ends up being slightly delayed as is tradition with these sort of announcements.

As I've mentioned before there are literally no details currently available, but if we use the previous Heart of Thorns expansion as a baseline we can expect to see multiple new zones, a brand new class and perhaps even race, a couple of new raids, and naturally, a whole bunch of goodies for all of the current classes and professions. I'll update you once ArenaNet releases some actual information tomorrow, but for now I'm going to hope the long-awaited Tengu race will finally make its way to Guild Wars 2!