Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire screenshot of the Raptor mounts

Guild Wars 2's Path of Fire expansion is set to arrive later this month, bringing with it a whole bunch of new content to mess around with. We'll be able to explore the Crystal Desert and the adjoining kingdom of Elona, fight against the Human god of war Balthazar and his metallic minions, test out nine new elite specializations, and perhaps most importantly of all, ride a variety of mounts that each come with their own unique abilities and effects.

If you're wondering what exactly the mounts are all about, and what ArenaNet has planned for them, I would recommend you check out the most recent Developer Dairy detailing just that. Its about four minutes long, but its definitely worth the time as it also tells the tale of mounts that never came to fruition, mounts such as the giant Corgi! With that adorable image now stuck in your mind, here's the video:

I've only had the chance to ride the Raptor so far, but I must say I'm quite impressed with the work ArenaNet put in. Everything from the animations to the abilities themselves feels satisfying, with the end result being a surprisingly enjoyble mount system. If you're interested in my detailed opinions on the mount system, or Path of Fire in general, you should head over to my preview, but long story short, I'm quite looking forward to it!

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire screenshot of a Manta Ray mount