Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire artwork featuring the new Jackal mount

Guild Wars 2's much-anticipated Path of Fire expansion has now arrived, bringing with it a whole bunch of new content and quality of life changes. We can now explore the vast regions of the Crystal Desert and the adjoining kingdom of Elona, beat down the Human god of war Balthazar and his metallic minions, test out nine new Elite Specializations, and most excitingly of all, ride around on a variety of mounts that each come with their own unique abilities and effects.

You can get a good peek at what all of this looks like in-game through the recently posted launch trailer down below. Its not the most detailed video, I'm afraid, but it should still give you a good idea of what Path of Fire is all about. Have a gander:

Besides all of the new content, Path of Fire also brought with it a rather sizable update. If you're interested in all of the details and balance changes you'll find the full patch notes over here, but the most important thing you need to know is that you can now automatically open as many loot containers as you want! So if you're lazy like me and you stack those things in gigantic piles, you will no longer have to risk getting carpal tunnel syndrome just to get your rightly earned rewards!

Finally, if you're interested in my opinions about the Path of Fire expansion you'll find my recent preview over here. Long story short: "Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire does not represent a massive evolution, but rather a solid step forward. If you've enjoyed Guild Wars 2 throughout all these years then Path of Fire is going to add a whole bunch more toys for you to play around with, but if you could never really get into it then I'm afraid Path of Fire is not going to change your mind." To learn just a little bit more, or grab yourself a copy, you should head over to the official website. Have fun!