After the disaster that Warlords of Draenor was I really didn't expect that I could be intrigued by a WoW trailer, yet here we are. And unlike the Warcraft movie trailer I have very few complaints with this one.

The trailer, despite how amazing it was, served simply as an intro for the massive amount of WoW related news that followed the most important of which I will try and outline for you here.

 Let's go with the trailer first, here it is, in all its glory:

Sylvanas was especially well done, both from a visual perspective and from her actions and mannerisms, that little head nod was all the talking the trailer needed from her. I'm glad they finally decided to do something with these two in the actual game rather than keeping their character development mostly in books which the majority of players never reads (and given the quality of some of them I'm not surprised why).

But all of that is just eye candy, let's get down to the real business, the announced features Legion will come with. However, before we begin, allow me to give you a warning. Warlords of Draenor also promised a lot of things during Blizzcon yet when the game launched so, so many features were missing. Don't let this stop you from enjoying the new stuff, just be prepared to take it with a few grains of salt

First an foremost we have more info on the new class, the Demon Hunter. They are followers of Illidan (apparently he is alive now, somehow, I wonder if he'll want his glaives back) who ritually blind themselves in order to gain spectral sight which in the game translates to being able to use an ability to see through walls which sounds simply amazing for PvP. Their weapons of choice are, as you would imagine, warglaives but if you are a boring man and hate looking good you can always chose from any of the one handed melee options.

Specialization wise they're a bit unique, and not in a good way. Most classes have 3 distinct talent/role specializations (so Mages get fire/arcane/frost) while Demon Hunters only get two, havoc and vengeance, a DPS and tank specialization respectively. I hope this means the two are going to be worlds apart because otherwise it feels like the class will have a lot less variety than the older ones. But at least they get double jumps!

Demon Hunters, much like Death Knights, will have their own personal zone to level in which will explain their lore and background and get them up to level 100 so they can join the others in Legion zones.

This is where we will spend the majority of our time in Legion, with Dalaran (bottom center) being our main hub

Taking lessons from WoD's failings Blizzard has decided to allow players to quest in any of the four introduction zones no matter the player level. Interestingly enough, the zones will scale to the players rather than the other way around which makes me wonder how this will work exactly. For example, what happens if a level 109 and 101 player attack the same enemy, will they do the same damage? How about if the enemy NPC does an AOE attack, will it be calculated specifically for each of them?

Its probably going to work out fine but its just a strange choice to me, you'd think they would go with the Guild Wars 2 system of simply scaling the player to the zone which is much easier to balance out. Either way I'm very happy with this change, one of the few things I loved in WoD was questing but even that got boring since you always went Shadowmoon/Frostfire -> Gorgrond -> Talador -> Spires -> Nagrand.

Next up we have artifact weapons whose idea I love but implementation I hate. Artifact weapons are a new sort of customization within WoW with you being able to chose which powerful enhancement you want to put on them resulting in, ideally, much different gameplay feels within the same class. That's all great but why did the majority of the artifact weapons have to be linked to some major WoW character?

The Ashbringer is cool, seeing every single Paladin with one is the very definition of not cool. I understand this might be just my lonesome ranting but this move from Blizzard will through sheer over-saturation made all of the famous weapons of WoW a lot less interesting. No one will care if you own the Doomhammer if the three other guys next to you have their own version of it as well.

At least there's always the option to transmog the weapon.

The customization options look pretty good though, definitely a fan of that

And in a bit of news I definitely didn't expect, contrary to what they said in Gamescom, Legion will not be launching with 5 but rather with 10 new dungeons! I truly hope this is true but reserve your excitement until its closer to launch, WoD was supposed to launch with a lot more than it had in the end. Though I doubt they will make the same mistake again, I think they know this is their last chance to get the majority of old WoW players back before they give up on the game for good.

Finally, a big piece of news for my Druid friends, the animal forms are getting a much needed graphical upgrade and will be made in a way that allows for future customization rather than just having them be the same no matter what you've accomplished on your druid.

And that is it as far as major WoW news from day 1 are concerned, stay tuned as day 2 quickly approaches.