Telltale's Batman series logo

The rate at which Telltale is acquiring these high profile licenses is frankly quite stunning. They went from being a small developer of point and click adventures to a giant with a whole lot of sway in the industry.

In an announcement today Telltale revealed that they are working on an episodic story-focused game based on the Batman license. While this sounds amazing I am starting to feel that Telltale is stretching themselves a bit too thin.

PC version has much improved graphics.

It was only recently that I talked about Shadow Complex and how the Xbox Live Arcade hit will be coming to PC sometime soon.

Turns out that "sometime soon" in this case means only a couple of days because Epic has surprised everyone and released Shadow Complex today and not just for the PC, but for the PS4 and Xbox One as well.

The new warframe, Ivara, showing off.

This one has been in the works for a long time now and to say it was highly anticipated among the community is putting it lightly. A friend of mine kept checking Warframe every few hours to see if the patch maybe got released slightly early.

And looking through the list of additions it is easy to see why any Warframe fan would consider this patch so important. It has everything, from a new Warframe and tile set to complete game mode overhauls and new weapons and functionality. I won't go over all of the changes but here's what I feel are the most important ones.

A graphical comparison between the PS3 and PC version of Dragon's Dogma.

Youtuber Candyland released a brief video (embedded below) showcasing the graphical differences between the Playstation 3 and PC version of Dragon's Dogma.

As you might imagine the difference in texture quality is massive, especially when it comes to foliage and background elements of the environment. Given how many news and videos have been coming out of the PC version of Dragon's Dogma it would appear that Capcom is very confident in their PC port. Great news indeed.

A Dwarf stronghold cowered in Orc markings.

I am not one to get hyped easily but everything they've shown so far about Total War: Warhammer just seems to be so well made, even for an alpha.

The Greenskins campaign gameplay they released today is no different, take a look yourself:

A showcase of veteran weapons

I've talked about the upcoming Vermintide DLC back when the game first reached the 300,000 sold copies milestone and now that its finally here it seems even bigger than I expected.

While there is a lot of new stuff I find myself the most excited by the ability to nudge the loot system in such a way that you have a better chance to get equipment for your class rather than constantly getting bright wizard stuff if you're playing an inquisitor.

Rico walking away from a truck pinned to a building.

This is great news if you're like me and you bought Just Cause 3 only to have it be completely unplayable even on a much more powerful rig, a real shame given how excited I was to give it a try.

In a Steam forum post one of the Avalanche guys stated that they are looking in to the various issues but that they can't comment when exactly the patch will be coming given that the game launched only a short time ago. Here's the full quote:

Indivisible characters striking a pose.

Before I say anything let me get this out of the way. The Indivisible is an example of how all of these fundraisers should be done, with a clear set of goals and a working prototype and not through pretty pictures and empty words as they usually tend to be.

That said, Indivisible has reached its funding goal of $1,500,000 (currently its sitting on $1,609,309) and the last 55 hours of its Indiegogo campaign are going to be all about securing the stretch goals, the most important of which is at $1.65 million mark and boasts an additional hour of extra music.

Two players dueling in Plague Inc, red is far bigger.

If you ever felt your evil genius simply wasn't challenged enough while making the perfect pathogen to wipe out the entire planet, Plague Inc is here to give you the challenge you need with its newly added multiplayer mode.

The PvP mode pits your plague against your opponent's in a race to not only destroy the world but each-other as well. The full patch notes can be found here and if you're interested in a brief rundown of what exactly Plague Inc is and how the PvP mode functions do read on.

Being shot at by a two legged robot.

Shadow Complex is a Super Metroid inspired side-scrolling action adventure whose development was assisted by Epic Games (Gears of War, Unreal). It released back in 2009. on the XBox Live Arcade to some stellar reviews and a lot of praise. And now, it seems a remastered version is coming to PC.

Nothing has been officially confirmed as of yet but PEGI has released a rating for the PC version of Shadow Complex. Don't pay too much mind to the release date on the website, it is obviously either a placeholder or the date of application.

If you know very little about Shadow Complex allow me to give you a brief overview: