After many years of delays and rumors about cancellation Final Fantasy XV is coming in 2016

To say that Final Fantasy XV had been in development for a long, long time would be one hell of an understatement. It was first announced as in development all the way back in 2006 but due to various issues constantly kept being either reworked or delayed.

So I hope you understand now how big the recent announcement that Final Fantasy XV will definitely be coming in 2016 really is. Here's the full announcement message from FFXV's director:

 "We will finally release FFXV this year, in 2016! In development, previous phases required wisdom and strength. However, moving forward the final phase will focus on effort and willpower.

I vow to you all that every member in the team will do their best to the very last possible moment taking responsibility and pride in their craft. We will do everything we can do to finish FFXV to create an experience we are incredibly proud of and one that you will enjoy and treasure.

The whole FFXV team appreciates all of the support from each and everyone one of you this past year. I cannot tell you how much it means to all of us.

We’d like to celebrate a wonderful New Year and as we approach the release of FFXV, I’d like to enjoy that moment with you all."

Final Fantasy XV will be releasing initially on the PS4 and Xbox One with the team expressing their wishes to port the game to PC as soon as they wrap up all the work for on the consoles. I don't think there is much of a reason to doubt that statement of theirs given that most of the Final Fantasy games are either now on PC or are making their way there as we speak.

Right now however we don't know the official release date so I'd suggest you stave off your excitement, at least for a little while longer. Still, it feels really satisfying to see that after 10 years in development hell FFXV is now finally being prepared for release, this time for certain.