Brutal Doom: Hell on Earth update is now finally released

Brutal Doom, besides what you might gleam from the name alone, is an extremely comprehensive Doom mod expanding on everything from enemy AI to the weapons you use and even the graphics themselves. In other words, its a damn good mod for an already classic FPS, and it just got better.

The recent Brutal Doom patch v20b, also known as Hell on Earth, brings with it destructible bodies, improvements to the gib physics, better performance, a new melee system and most importantly a 32 map long campaign.


The campaign will tell the story of how the demon invasion first begun and the battles that took place once the demon hordes poured on to Earth. The really interesting thing with the campaign is that it will follow a "realistic" timeline so while the first mission will be in broad daylight you will finish with the final mission in the dead of night. It will also take full advantage of Brutal Doom's improved AI and balance so while you can play it as a standalone on normal Doom 2 it is suggested you do so with Brutal Doom installed.

With plenty of other changes in the patch to tickle your fancy I can only suggest you grab your copy of Doom 2 and give the newly updated Brutal Doom a try, you're going to be in for a blast... heh.

The download link for the Brutal Doom: Hell on Earth starter pack can be found here and while you can load this on FreeDoom it is recommended you do so instead on the standard Doom 2 due to compatibility issues. If you don't own Doom 2 you can grab it off the currently running Steam Sale for basically nothing.