Obduction, from the developers of Myst and Riven, now has a brief and interesting teaser trailer

Obduction is coming to us from the developers of Myst and Riven and much like those two it will focus heavily on exploration and puzzle-solving with a mysterious plot surrounding all of it. It successfully raised #1,300,000 on Kickstarter a few years back but since then the developers were somewhat quiet about their progress.

Hopefully this brief teaser showcasing a rather pretty alien world and some great music will be the first of many such videos we'll get to see as Obduction nears its launch in the second half of 2016. Here's the video:


I have some good memories of Myst, which is strange since I never actually beat it and always left it feeling like a big ol' dumbo. But even still, I look forward to exploring a truly bizarre alien world backed by a moody soundtrack and gameplay that doesn't hold your hand but lets you completely loose and leaves it up to you whether you succeed or not. These types of games are few and far between nowadays.

If the teaser piqued your interest and you find yourself looking for more I'm afraid there isn't much gameplay footage for you to sink your teeth in. There is however a developer demo from way back in 2014 going over some of the more basic features of the game so I'd recommend you check that out if you're seeking more information, just don't judge Obduction's quality or graphics based on two year old footage.