The Anacrusis official artwork and logo

[Update]: January 13th has arrived, and with it The Anacrusis has now launched into Steam Early Access.

After the genre disappeared for a fair few years, it seems that the Left 4 Dead inspired co-op shooters are now finally coming back into fashion! Back 4 Blood and World War Z's Aftermath expansion arrived only a short while ago, and soon The Anacrusis will be joining the party as well.

While The Anacrusis is going for a retro-futuristic vibe instead of the usual apocalyptic one, the gameplay should feel instantly familiar. It's all about joining forces with your friends in order to fight against endless hordes of enemies, all the while the 'AI Driver' will analyze your performance and throw appropriate levels of enemies and items at you to make each playthrough feel both challenging and unique.

Nioh 2 Enera boss screenshot

[Update]: The Steam Awards 2021 winners have now been revealed, and I'm happy to say the Steam community has voted for a quality batch of games!

If you still have some money left over after the avalanche of sales that have been unleashed over the past few weeks, you'll be happy to hear that Steam will soon be throwing their hat into the ring as well. And when I say soon, I really do mean that as the great Steam Winter Sale is arriving in a couple of hours!

The start of the Winter Sale will also mark the start of the Steam Awards voting process. So if you're interested in giving a bit of extra recognition to your favorite games and developers, make sure to cast your votes across the numerous categories before January 3rd, as that's when the winners will be announced.

Splinter Cell remake screenshot of the goggles teaser

In an announcement that came pretty much out of nowhere, Ubisoft has now revealed that they are working on a remake of the original Splinter Cell. While the details are still few and far between, Splinter Cell will be rebuilt from the ground up using the Snowdrop Engine (The Division games), all the while respecting the original's gameplay style and identity.

"A lot of time has passed since the original Splinter Cell, and even since the last sequel – enough time to miss an entire console generation", explains the developer update. "So now we're going to take the time to explore what this means for us, for light and shadow, for animation tech, for gameplay, AI, even audio."

Diablo 4 artwork showing off the enemies

While Diablo 4 has been delayed recently despite not even having a release date, the good news is that at least the quarterly developer updates are continuing as planned! So if you're interested in a peek behind the curtains of game development, this time around the focus is on the itemization, character progression, as well as the visual effects.

When it comes to the itemization, there are two important things to note. First of all, +Skill effects from Diablo 2 are coming back, and they will allow you to either gain a new skill or boost the power of one you already have. And to make Legendary items feel even more character-defining, you will be able to extract their power and slot them into other Rare or Legendary items, thus getting to keep the Legendary effect while still being able to replace outdated gear.

Dune: Spice Wars official artwork and logo

After proving themselves as capable RTS developers with the excellent Northgard, Shiro Games have now set their sights on something a bit more ambitious - a real-time 4X game. Set in Frank Herbert’s Dune universe, the recently announced Dune: Spice Wars will be all about using subterfuge, political intrigue, economic supremacy, and as is tradition, all-out warfare in order to expand and solidify your faction's hold on the desert planet.

While there is no gameplay preview available just yet, you can get a bit of an idea of the sort of tone Shiro Games are going for through the brief announcement trailer. Have a look:

Alan Wake 2 official trailer screenshot without logo

[Update]: Despite already working on numerous new games, Remedy has now announced a brand new co-operative PvE shooter - Project Vanguard.

If after a decade of waiting you were starting to lose hope that Remedy would ever announce Alan Wake 2, I'm happy to say that I bring some good news! Not only has Remedy announced that they are working on Alan Wake 2 during the recent The Game Awards, but also that they are pouring absolutely everything they have into it!

While the details are still few and far between, you can expect an even greater focus on atmosphere and physiological horror elements. Here's a brief teaser trailer showing off what they mean:

Telltale Games: The Expanse screenshot of the main character

After going through a bit of a rough period, and that's putting it lightly, it seems that Telltale Games have settled in nicely as they've just announced their second major project. This one will be a bit more futuristic, however, as it'll be a narrative-driven series based on The Expanse TV show.

"In the near future on the outskirts of the asteroid belt, a bloody mutiny breaks loose on the Artemis," reads the brief description. "You take the role of XO Camina Drummer, where your choices determine the fate of the ship. What will you do with the truth, Bosmang?"

Oxygen Not Included artwork for the Spaced Out! expansion

After two years in development, the colony simulator Oxygen Not Included has just received its very first expansion - Spaced Out! As you would expect from the name alone, Spaced Out! brings with it the ability to explore the universe with improved and modular rockets, simultaneously manage multiple colonies on multiple planetoids, mess around with nuclear power and radiation, as well as hopefully tame a bunch of new space-critters.

If you're wondering what all of this might look like in actual gameplay, wonder no more as Klei have released a brief trailer highlighting just what Spaced Out! is all about. Have a peek:

moon: Remix RPG Adventure artwork and logo

If you're in the mood for a bit of a unique experience, you might want to check out the freshly released PC version of moon: Remix RPG Adventure - the 1997 PlayStation anti-RPG. It's essentially a deconstruction of classic RPG tropes where the focus is not on randomly killing everything before you for experience points, but rather trying to undo the catastrophic damage you've already done.

In order to do so you'll need to capture and save the souls of fallen monsters, befriend the various characters that occupy moon's world, and grow your character through the power of love. With all of that in mind, I'm sure it'll come as a massive surprise to hear that moon served as one of the inspirations for the excellent Undertale.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade screenshot of the ninja Yuffie

After being announced only a few short days ago, the improved version of the Final Fantasy VII Remake has now landed onto PC. The Intergrade version brings with it an assortment of visual enhancements, a couple of new story moments set within the original campaign, and most importantly of all, a brand new piece of DLC starring the ninja Yuffie.

If you're curious what all of this looks like in action on PC, allow me to share with you the recently posted announcement trailer. Have a gander, it's a fairly short one: