Vermintide 1 screenshot from the Drachenfels map

Fatshark has recently announced that Vermitnide 2 will be getting a whole bunch of new content throughout Season 2. You can expect to see three remastered Vermintide 1 maps, Lohner’s Emporium of Wonders as a way to acquire a variety of cosmetics, plenty of improvements to the recently added Weave system, and naturally, a whole bunch of bug fixes and general improvements.

If that sounds like something you would love to mess around with, you'll be glad to hear that Season 2 will be heading into open beta on December 16th! The beta will bring with it Old Haunts as the first of the three free maps, Lohner's Emporium, as well as the numerous improvements to the Weaves, including the ability to 'Quick Play' them which should greatly decrease queue times.

Resident Evil 3 official artwork showing the main characters

As I've hopefully made clear throughout my review, the Resident Evil 2 remake might not be a completely faithful recreation of the original classic, but it definitely manages to reach the same heights and often even surpass them. In other words, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to hear that Capcom has now announced the Resident Evil 3 remake is on its way!

What might come as quite a shock is that Resident Evil 3 will be coming to us not even halfway through 2020, on April 3rd! I'd imagine this is because Resident Evil 3 shares both the engine and gameplay mechanics with its predecessor, but even so, that's quite an impressive achievement on Capcom's side.

Overwatch screenshot of Sigma's newly added Winter skin

[Update #2:] Blizzard has now released another balance update aimed at reducing the power of defensive compositions and promoting more variety among DPS and support heroes.

[Update]: As is tradition, Blizzard is giving away 5 Winter Wonderland loot boxes as a small gift for the holidays.

If you're sick and tired of shooting into shields, today's your lucky day as Overwatch has just received a massive balance update. Shields have been nerfed across the board so you'll no longer be able to hold a position and simply sit there, but in order to compensate for this nerf the tanks have also received some nice survivability buffs to help promote more aggressive playstyles.

You can read the full patch notes over at the official website, and I would highly recommend you do so as these changes will certainly have a massive impact on your games. What exactly the meta will look like once things finally stabilize, only time will tell, but so far I've seen just about every single composition run with good success. A rather lovely Christmas gift from the Overwatch team!

Monster Hunter: World Geralt cross-over artwork

[Update]: Monster Hunter: World - Iceborne has now arrived, though not without a couple of nasty issues that will need to be resolved over the coming weeks.

Monster Hunter: World's Iceborne expansion is set to arrive this January for PC, bringing with it a whole host of new challenges to face. In order to ensure the players are well and truly ready for them, as well as to guarantee their gear will be up to scratch, Capcom has now released some rather powerful catch-up gear.

New players will be able to start with the Defender α immediately, while returning players will be able to buy it from the Armory at 300z per piece, which is pretty much nothing in the grand scheme of things. On the other hand, everyone will need to forge their own Defender weapons at the Smithy, though this will once again be incredibly cheap as it'll only require one piece of Iron Ore.

Bioshock screenshot of the lighthouse

After Bioshock Infinite and the dissolution of its developer Irrational Games, the Bioshock series seemed to have come to a natural end. But, as is often the case, popular series tend not to lie dormant for all too long.

As such, it likely won't come as too much of a surprise to hear that 2K has now announced a brand new Bioshock game. The details are few and far between, but what I can tell you is that the new game will be developed by the freshly-founded Cloud Chamber studio which will have offices in both the San Francisco Bay Area and Montréal, Québec.

Total War: Warhammer 2 screenshot of Deathmaster Snikch

[Update]: The Shadow & The Blade DLC and its accompanying update have now arrived, and so far they have been quite amazing!

The Shadow & The Blade DLC will be coming to Total War: Warhammer 2 this December 12th with Malus Darkblade and Deathmaster Snikch in tow. However, as exciting as the DLC may be, it is the accompanying free update that will have the biggest impact on Total War: Warhammer 2 as a whole.

After spending months optimizing the code, Creative Assembly has managed to speed up end-turn times by well over sixty percent. Naturally, the amount of time you save each turn will greatly depend on the power of your CPU, but from all of the previews we've seen so far, the difference has been absolutely staggering! Best of all, this has been achieved without any shortcuts or sacrifices, so the whole campaign experience will remain pretty much exactly the same... just a lot faster.

Gwent official artwork for Merchants of Ofir expansion

When Gwent first released things were looking a bit shaky as the balance was all over the place and CDPR still unsure about the direction they wanted to take the gameplay in. Luckily, instead of folding like so many card games before it, Gwent has overcome these initial hurdles and now settled into a rather nice position, both in terms of balance and content updates.

And what better way to continue that trend than with a brand new expansion, which is where the freshly revealed Merchants of Ofir comes into play! Here's a brief teaser showing what to expect:

The Elder Scrolls: Legends official artwork from Houses of Morrowind

Despite having some pretty neat ideas and The Elder Scrolls tag behind it, it would appear that The Elder Scrolls: Legends has not managed to maintain a large enough playerbase to continue development. As such, I'm afraid that any future content releases have now been put on hold.

"Until then, you can still download and play Legends on all existing platforms and compete online as well as in the single-player modes," reads the official update. "We will also continue to support the game with monthly reward cards and regular in-game events. New expansions and other future content, however, are no longer under active development. We will continue to provide ongoing maintenance support."

Darksiders Genesis official artwork and logo

After Darksiders 3 ended up being a success, it was fairly obvious that Darksiders 4 will be following at some point in the future in order to tell the story of the final horseman - Strife. However, what might come as quite a surprise is that not only has Strife's game arrived far sooner than anyone could've expected, but that it's also a top-down, hack and slash spin-off with an option for co-op!

While that description can usually be read as "Diablo clone", it doesn't exactly apply here as the newly released Darksiders Genesis is pretty much a Darksiders game, just with a slightly different playstyle. You'll still be exploring the world in search of secrets, solving a variety of puzzles in order to open up new areas, collecting ability upgrades to help you smash through enemies, and naturally, beating up an assortment of demons and angels.

Halo Reach official artwork without the logo

If you're like me and you never really got to sink many hours into Halo 1 and 2 due to Games For Windows Live being a massive nuisance, I'm delighted to say that the dark days are now finally behind us. In other words, the significantly more compatible Halo: The Master Chief Collection has now made its way to PC and Steam!

The Master Chief Collection brings with it pretty much all of the mainline Halo games - Halo: Reach, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST and Halo 4. For some reason Halo: Reach is also listed as a separate €10 purchase that requires The Master Chief Collection, which is a bit confusing to say the least since it's also a part of said collection. However, I'm pretty sure I'm simply a dingbat and I'm missing something here, so there is a good chance Halo: Reach is also available as a standalone purchase if you're only in it for the multiplayer.