Dota 2 artwork of Meepo getting hammered by Dawnbreaker

[Update]: Dota 2's Patch 7.35d has reworked hero bans and brought in yet more balance changes.

The Dota 2 team is currently working on a massive update called Crownfall, which will more likely than not include the Ringmaster hero teased back in 2023. So in order to help tide everyone over until the update finally arrives, Valve has now unleashed the rather humble Patch 7.35c.

As you would expect, Patch 7.35c is mostly focused on nerfing the overly strong heroes that have been plaguing the game for the past few months. Nature's Prophet now does less damage, Meepo isn't nearly as tanky, Lion's mana drain has finally been toned down, Faceless Void is a little bit weaker across the board, while the smurf-favorite Arc Warden is now easier to take down in the early game.

Items have undergone similar changes, with Veil of Discord, Shiva's Guard, Vladimir's Offering, Mage Slayer and even Wraith Band becoming a little bit weaker. The update has also brought with it a fun surprise, and that would the numerous buffs to the three swords and their combinations: Kaya, Sange and Yasha! They're all now cheaper and offer greater effects, so definitely give them a look if you're in the market for a mid-game item.

The final thing to note here is that none of these are crushing nerfs or truly gigantic changes. They're mostly just small tweaks ment to tone down heroes rather than completely kick them out of the meta, so even if your favorites were affected, don't worry as I'm pretty sure all of them will still be highly competitive.

Whether I'm going to eat my words or not, I suppose we'll see soon enough. Until then, you can check out the full list of changes, as well as keep track of any future updates, over at the Dota 2 website.

Enjoy, and I'll make sure to let you know once the Crownfall update arrives.