Vermintide 2 official artwork and logo

While Darktide is still struggling with regular content patches, the Vermintide 2 team continues to impress. Despite being hard at work on the long-awaited addition of PvP multiplayer, they've somehow managed to find the time to now release the "A Parting of the Waves" update!

The new update brings with it a conclusion of the recent Karak Azgaraz storyline, as well as a huge and elaborate new map to explore. It's also worth mentioning that despite the map being directly connected to the Vermintide 1 remasters, it's an entirely new creation, and quite a solid one at that!

Helldivers 2 artwork for the Democratic Detonation Warbond

[Update]: Helldivers 2's follow-up update has now fixed numerous crashes and brought back the AT-AT looking Factory Striders.

Despite this being yet another in a long series of updates, Helldivers 2 continues to impress. Instead of just delivering the new batch of explosive weaponry as previously announced, Arrowhead has now also released a bunch of new ship upgrades as well, some of which can really spice up weapons like the Arc Thrower or the Flamethrower!

First things first, the new Democratic Detonation Warbond. As the name would suggest, the Warbond is filled with all sorts of explosive weaponry, everything from a sidearm grenade launcher to an armor-piercing primary weapon that can even blow up bot fabricators! Naturally all this firepower does come at a price, namely the weapon handling and reload speed, but if you're a fan of big booms that's an easy problem to work around!

Overwatch 2 screenshot of the drill-wielding hero Venture

Throughout Season 9 Blizzard managed to greatly improve Overwatch 2, and so I'm happy to say that with the upcoming Season 10 it looks like they'll be continuing in the exact same direction. Expect to see a brand new hero, a whole bunch of quality-of-life improvements, numerous balance changes, and even a little sneak peek at the new Clash game mode.

Once it arrives on April 16th, the definite highlight of Season 10 will be the brand new DPS hero Venture which is a close range specialist with a surprising amount of mobility, and quite a unique toolkit as well! So before I spoil anything by accident, allow me to share with you Venture's gameplay trailer. Have a peek, it's a rather fun one:

Vermintide 2 screenshot of the Warrior Priest in action

[Update]: A Parting of the Waves has now arrived, and I'm happy to say the new map is quite awesome!

I have to give credit where credit is due. The Vermintide 2 team is remarkably dedicated to their craft! And so, over six years after the launch of the original game, Vermintide 2 will be getting yet another free content update on April 11th.

The freshly announced A Parting of the Waves update will bring with it a mist-shrouded new map to explore, and with it the conclusion of the recent Karak Azgaraz storyline. Despite the connection to Vermintide 1, the new map won't be a remaster, but rather an entirely new creation!

Helldivers 2 artwork for the explosive crossbow primary weapon

[Update]: A brand new hotfix has just been released. As expected, it's a whole lot of fixes for the recent crashes!

It's not even been a week since the last batch of content arrived, and already Helldivers 2 is getting ready for a brand new update. However, unlike the previous update that beefed up the Automatons, the Democratic Detonation Warbond will instead bring with it an assortment of explosive new weaponry for the players to toy around with this April 11th.

You can look forward to seeing an explosive crossbow, a grenade launcher sidearm, two variants of explosively charged rifles, as well as a really mean-looking and armor-piercing grenade! There's also going to be a brand new booster that makes extraction easier, three new armor sets, as well as the usual batch of cosmetics like capes and emotes.

Darktide artwork for the new Tox Bomber enemy

[Update]: Darktide's Path of Redemption update has added a free Battle Pass, numerous cosmetics, Tox Bomber enemy and more.

After a couple of announcements announcing a future announcement that will announce more details, Fatshark has now finally spilled the beans on what's coming next for Darktide. And I'm happy to say, the freshly revealed Path of Redemption update is looking pretty darn good!

First and foremost, once the update arrives in late April it'll bring with it a brand new enemy - the Dreg Tox Bomber. As the name might imply, the Tox Bomber will be an area denial specialist chucking Blight Grenades filled with toxic fumes in order to both damage the players and force them out of cover. A significantly stinkier alternative to the current bombers, I suppose.

Helldivers 2 official artwork and logo

[Update]: Helldivers 2 is getting a bunch of very explosive new weaponry on April 11th.

Barely any time has gone by since the last major Helldivers 2 update, and already the Arrowhead team has returned with more stuff to mess around with. First and foremost, the Automatons now have two massive new units to contend with: flying, armored gunships, as well as AT-AT inspired walking fortresses that spew out bots and bullets in equal measure.

And if that's just not enough danger for you, Patch 1.000.200 has also added two new planetary hazards: blizzards and sandstorms. I've unfortunately not a had a chance to try them out just yet, but I can only imagine they're going to severely limit visibility and make it so the brave (or foolish) Helldivers can sneak in a couple of objectives while the enemies are nearly blind.

Horizon Forbidden West official artwork and logo for the PC version

When Horizon Zero Dawn first landed onto PC, it did so alongside quite a few problems. The performance was spotty, crashes were frequent, bugs were everywhere, and most annoyingly of all, mouse sensitivity seemed to change completely at random.

It took quite a while for Horizon Zero Dawn to get properly polished up, so I must admit I was slightly weary about the fate of its sequel. Thankfully, my fears ended up being completely unfounded as the freshly released Horizon Forbidden West looks and runs great straight out of the digital box!

Helldivers 2 official artwork without logo

[Update]: Helldivers 2 is getting a bunch of very explosive new weaponry on April 11th.

If you've tried to play Helldivers 2 over this past weekend, chances are you've noticed that things have become a bit... unstable. Besides the random performance dips, ever since the last update the game has been prone to randomly crashing, and apparently one of the reasons for this was players using lightning based weaponry.

So in order to sort this nonsense out, the Helldivers 2 team has now launched the small Patch 1.000.104. The patch notes are about as blunt as it gets: Arc Tower, Arc Shotgun and Tesla Tower stratagems should no longer cause the game to stutter, freeze and potentially even crash.

Dota 2: Patch 7.35d artwork for the brand new hero ban system

While most people were expecting the Crownfall update to arrive alongside the Ringmaster hero teased last year, the Dota 2 team has instead released a small but still rather meaningful update. It brings with it a brand new hero ban system, a couple of additions to Dota+, as well as some much-needed balance changes to help keep things interesting.

First and foremost, you can no longer select a hero to potentially get banned at the start of a match. Instead, you're now able to 'lock in' four heroes you never want to see, of which each one has a 25% chance to get banned (even if you leave a spot empty). So it's still not a guaranteed ban, but the new system is a bit more resilient against cheaters targeting specific players, as well as automatic so you won't accidentally pick Tinker just because you missed the banning window by a second... not that I've done that before!