Overkill's The Walking Dead official artwork

While many people were skeptical when Overkill, the studio behind the Payday series, announced that they are working on a zombie-infested co-op shooter, I must admit I was actually pretty excited as they've already proven they know how to make a fun co-op focused game. After all, zombie shooters might be a bit out of fashion these days, but there's still plenty of unique and interesting gameplay ideas that can be utilized to really stand out from the crowd.

Well, Overkill's The Walking Dead has managed to do just that, but unfortunately it stands out for all the wrong reasons. Despite being in development for quite a few years now, it has just released onto Steam in what I can only describe as an unfinished state. I won't go as far as to call it a bad game, because it really does show potential in a few key areas, but as of right now Overkill's The Walking Dead is not something I would recommend you grab, and especially not for the €50 asking price. A real shame since I was genuinely looking forward to a 'proper' Left 4 Dead 2 competitor.

Warcraft 3: Reforged up close screenshot of Arthas

If you've been following Warcraft 3 related news for the past year or so, then you're no doubt aware that Blizzard has been putting significant resources into balancing pretty much every aspect of gameplay. Even back then it was obvious that Blizzard is preparing for a "Starcraft: Remastered" update for Warcraft 3, but what nobody could've guessed is that they would take things to a whole new level with Warcraft 3: Reforged.

According to the official website, every character, structure and environmental detail has been recreated from scratch in order to not only bring them into the modern era, but also to recapture all of the same charm they once held. In other words, you can expect to see Warcraft 3's classic units in 4K quality, with updated animations and new customization options, as well as a fancy (yet still faithful) recreation of all the cinematics.

Overwatch screenshot of the new hero Ashe

After being revealed during this year's Blizzcon, Overwatch's latest hero Ashe has now already made her way onto the PTR. As is tradition with these things, she's currently only available on the PC version, but worry not as the skill-based gunslinger is bound to hit the live servers in the very near future as well.

If you haven't watched Blizzcon and you have no idea who Ashe is, let alone what her abilities are, allow me to share with you two of the recent trailers. The first one is a cinematic short showing off her duel with McCree, while the second video is a rather well-edited ability overview. Have a gander, they're both well worth a look:

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth screenshot of Saurfang from his Lost Honor cinematic

World of Warcraft is currently going through a bit of a rough period when it comes to storytelling, especially on the Horde side. Sylvanas becoming Warchief seemingly out of nowhere didn't exactly go over well back in Legion, but now that she's returned to her usual shenanigans the divide between the playerbase has become even larger, so much so that Blizzard ended up creating three different variants of the upcoming main questline.

While certainly a bit of a mess, especially for fans of Thrall's oldschool Horde, it does seem like this whole scenario has been planned from the very start by Blizzard, as noted by more and more focus being put on Saurfang and his rebellion. In fact, the most recent Blizzcon 2018 cinematic short once again features Saurfang as the protagonist, though this time in a bit of a different setting than in the precious cinematic. Have a look:

Overwatch screenshot of McCree and Echo from the Reunion cinematic short

Blizzcon 2018 has now rolled around, and as expected, the Overwatch team has come out with some major announcements. First and foremost, the brand new hero has been revealed as Ashe - the leader of the Deadlock Gang and a damn impressive gunslinger.

The second (and unfortunately final) major reveal was for a brand new cinematic short. I won't go into too many details in order to avoid spoiling your fun, but expect to see some badass action scenes with McCree, the brand new hero, as well as a rather interesting plot hook for the future. Have a look, it's well worth a watch:

Diablo Immortal screenshot of the Barbarian hero

A little while ago Blizzard announced that they are working on multiple Diablo projects and that they are excited to see what we think about them. Given that the big reveal was supposed to happen at Blizzcon 2018, many fans assumed that we would be getting an announcement for a brand new Diablo game, perhaps even Diablo 4! After all, such a reveal would only make sense given how Diablo 3 has mostly been put on ice.

Well, as it turns out, the fans were at least partially correct. Blizzard did indeed announce a brand new Diablo game during this year's Blizzcon, but instead of it being Diablo 4 or some other followup to Diablo 3, the big reveal was for a mobile-only game by the name of Diablo Immortal. The immediate reception, as you might imagine given how Command and Conquer: Rivals fared, was deafening silence followed by a couple of minutes of complete and utter confusion by the convention-goers.

Vermintide 2 official screenshot for the Shade career

Fatshark has recently unleashed the biggest update Vermintide 2 has ever seen onto the beta servers. It has rebalanced just about every single weapon and career, tweaked all of the enemies in order to prevent annoying behaviors and instantaneous 180° attacks, as well as reworked the balance of power between melee and ranged weapons, especially when it comes to how temporary health is distributed.

Given the size and scope of the aptly named Big Balance Beta, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to hear that in an effort to get every weapon up to par, some have become far stronger or weaker than their competition. In order to address this, as well as further rebalance the flow of combat, Fatshark has now released a brand new update filled with yet another batch of intriguing changes.