Apex Legends screenshot of the new Habitat Arena map

In order to help pass the time before the big Season 12 update in early February, Respawn has now unleashed the rather humble Dark Depths event for Apex Legends. Dark Depths brings with it a lush new Arena map by the name of Habitat, as well as a whole bunch of new cosmetic items to collect.

Since Habitat is basically the only new bit of content in this update, allow me to first share with you the brief teaser trailer. It should give you a pretty good look at the new map. Have a gander:

Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem screenshot of a combat moment

Only a few days have gone by since the teaser, and already Devolver Digital have not only revealed the next big Serious Sam game, but also set its release date for this month! So if you're in the mood for gunning down hordes upon hordes upon hordes of enemies, mark January 25th on your calendar as that's when the Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem standalone expansion will be landing onto Steam.

Unlike Serious Sam 4 which was entirely developed by Croteam, Siberian Mayhem is primarily being worked on by a group of Serious Sam modders under the newly formed Timelock Studio. So while I can't tell you whether Siberian Mayhem will be any good or not, it will at the very least be a bit of a different experience than usual!

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice grappling hook screenshot

For the twelfth year in a row, the charity focused speedrunning event Awesome Games Done Quick has now officially begun! Much like before, the proceeds will be going towards the Prevent Cancer Foundation - a nonprofit organization focused on cancer research, prevention and early detection.

Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 will run until January 16th, during which time hundreds of unique games across a variety of genres will get absolutely demolished in record time, all for a good cause. So if you would like to join in, simply head on over the the constantly running stream to catch a random game or check the schedule to find your favorites.

Armored Core 5 artwork without logo

According to Red Liquorice over at the Resetera forums, Dark Souls studio FromSoftware appear to be working on a new Armored Core game. I originally didn't feel like talking about this since the rumors were purely hearsay and thus easy to fake, but things have definitely changed today as a whole bunch of screenshots were just added as proof!

So as long as this isn't some sort of highly elaborate hoax, the new Armored Core will take place on the ravaged planet of Bashtar where a mysterious substance called Melange was freshly discovered. As is tradition, a whole assortment of factions will attempt to claim the substance, thus sparking a massive war in which we as mercenaries will play a key part.

Cities: Skylines screenshot from the new Airports DLC

Many years have gone by since Cities: Skylines first appeared, but the developers don't seem to be slowing down even a tiny bit. In fact, they're currently preparing to release yet another new expansion on January 25th - Airports!

As the name would imply, the Airports DLC will bring with it the ability to design and construct your very own airports out of a variety of modular buildings, a more cohesive way of including cargo terminals, as well as an easier way of connecting your airports with your public transport services. And just to spice things up further, there will also be a bunch of new building options to choose from depending on what type of airport you created.

Serious Sam 4 official artwork without logo

[Update]: Looks like I need to work on my guesswork, because Serious Sam 4 is getting a standalone expansion expansion this January 25th - Siberian Mayhem!

In an incredibly brief teaser over at Twitter, Devolver Digital have revealed that they are planning to announce a brand new Serious Sam game next week. Not only that, but they are also aiming to fully release the game at some point this month!

The exact details are currently few and far between so I can only speculate about the nature of this new game, though a little bit of guesswork is always fun to indulge in so let's give it a shot. First things first, it's unlikely to be Serious Sam 5 as its predecessor isn't even two years old at this point. However, it could definitely be some sort of spin-off game given how many the Serious Sam series has managed to cultivate over the years. 

Sonic Frontiers screenshot of the wide-open world

In stark contrast to the rest of the series, the recently announced Sonic Frontiers will focus on open-world gameplay and exploration. As is tradition you'll still be doing basic platforming, collecting rings, beating up hordes of enemies and smashing head-first into walls at high speed, just with a lot more freedom in how you tackle things than before.

There is sadly no lengthy gameplay preview available just yet, but you can get a decent idea of what the Sonic team is trying to go for through the original announcement trailer. Have a little peek:

Monster Hunter Rise screenshot from the PC version

[Update]: PC version of Monster Hunter Rise has now landed onto Steam without too much trouble.

After a few months of teasers, the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise is now nearly upon us. Once it arrives on January 12th it'll bring with it support for 4K resolutions, high-res textures, uncapped framerates, ultrawide support, as well as a whole assortment of customization options.

Best of all, unlike Monster Hunter: World which took an incredibly long time to reach parity with the console version, Monster Hunter Rise will launch with the vast majority of post-launch content already present and accounted for! You won't have to wait all that long for the rest to arrive either, as Capcom is expecting Monster Hunter Rise to achieve full parity between the two versions by the end of February 2022! 

Apex Legends screenshot of the Habitat arena map

[Update]: Right on time, the Dark Depths event has now gone live!

If you're looking for something to help pass the time before Apex Legends' Season 12 arrives in early February, you'll be pleased to hear that Respawn has just announced a brand new event - Dark Depths. Once it arrives this January 11th, Dark Depths will bring with it a lush new Arena map by the name of Habitat, as well as a whole assortment of new cosmetics to collect.

First things first, allow me to share with you the brief teaser trailer. It should give you a nice little peek at the Habitat arena, as well as show what some of the new items are all about. Have a look:

Death Stranding Director's Cut cargo catapult screenshot

In an announcement that really shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, 505 Games have revealed that the new and improved Death Stranding Director's Cut will indeed be arriving onto PC as well. The exact release date has not been confirmed just yet, though you can expect to see it launch simultaneously for Steam and the Epic Games Store in Spring 2022.

As for the actual improvements, the Director's Cut will bring with it a variety of new equipment to play around with, everything from the cargo catapult to the buddy bot, as well as smoother controls and better melee combat. You can also expect to see new missions and storylines, along with UI improvements and various fixes.