Dota 2 artwork for the newly announced hero Ringmaster

[Update]: Dota 2's Patch 7.34e has arrived with nerfs to most of the annoying and omnipresent heroes.

If you're a fan of Dota 2 and you're itching for something new and exciting to sink your teeth into, I bring you some good and bad news. The good news is that Valve has just announced the next hero - the megalomaniacal Ringmaster and his assortment of mechanical traps and contraptions!

As for the bad news, that would be the release date. Instead of launching in the near future in order to capitalize on the current wave of excitement from The International 2023 tournament, the Ringmaster will unfortunately be arriving at some point in 2024. While this is likely going to be in early 2024, similar to how Muerta was released, it's still going to be a lengthy wait.

What exactly the Ringmaster looks like, as well as what sort of abilities he might have, that you can find out through the teaser trailer below. Have a gander, it's a rather amusing one... provided you don't main Axe anyway!

While I personally don't believe this to be the case, I might as well mention a popular rumor that states the Ringmaster is actually going to be Puppet Master from the now defunct Heroes of Newerth. Icefrog worked on both Heroes of Newerth and Puppet Master himself so there is a solid connection there, but I just can't imagine that Valve would go through all the legal trouble of acquiring those heroes when they can simply make new ones themselves. Still, it's an interesting little idea, that's for sure.

Whatever the case may be, I'll make sure to let you know once Valve reveals more information about the Ringmaster. Until then, make sure to check out some of The International games as the final few series have been a blast to watch!