Magic: The Gathering Outlaws of Thunder Junction artwork showing off Rakdos having fun

[Update #2]: MTG Arena's next mini-expansion, Alchemy: Thunder Junction, will be launching on May 7th.

[Update]: Thunder Junction has now arrived, and it's quite an interesting draft format. It's insanely high-powered, but there's also a lot of decisions to make throughout each match. This could be one of the good ones!

These days Magic: The Gathering sets usually come with some sort of a bonus set - a collection of extra cards that might not be Standard legal, but are either powerful or interesting enough to warrant reprinting. However, the upcoming Outlaws of Thunder Junction set which is coming to MTG Arena on April 16th has taken this concept of bonus cards to an extreme!

Instead of having a single bonus set, or even two, Outlaws of Thunder Junction has opted for three! The first and most common of these are the Breaking News cards which are all themed after some sort of crime. Then there's the The Big Score set which was originally going to be Outlaws of Thunder Junction: Aftermath, but due to the poor reception of that idea the cards have been collapsed into the main set, though all were upshifted to Mythic rarity for some reason! And then you have the Special Guests cards which are reprints of ten powerful cards that all come with their own fancy new art.

As for how exactly you can get all of these new cards, that's unsurprisingly a bit messy. Here's the official rundown:

1 Breaking News card of any rarity appears in each Outlaws of Thunder Junction pack, replacing a common slot. Uncommons in this slot can upgrade to rares approximately 1:3 of the time. Rares in this slot upgrade to mythic rares at a rate of approximately 1:5.

1 mythic rare card from The Big Score may replace the mythic rare in Outlaws of Thunder Junction Store packs at a rate of approximately 1:5.

1 common in Outlaws of Thunder Junction Limited packs will upgrade to either a card from The Big Score or a Special Guests card at a rate of approximately 1:5. The Big Score cards in this slot are replaced with a Special Guests card at a rate of approximately 1:4.

All of that nonsense aside, if you're curious about what exactly the new cards have to offer, as well as how many cowboy hats Wizards of the Coast has managed to slap onto people, you can find the full list of cards over at the official gallery. Just make sure to swap between the different sets by using the "Card Set" dropdown menu as you're otherwise just going to confuse yourself about what card belongs where. Trust me, I've been there!

Once Outlaws of Thunder Junction goes live, or Wizards of the Coast figures out a way to slam even more cards in there, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, I'd recommend checking out the Remix Draft: Artifacts on Arena as it's quite a fun little format!