Away: Journey to the Unexpected screenshot of the big bad lava boss

Away: Journey to the Unexpected is a newly announced first person rogue-lite from the French indie studio Aurelien Regard. It features colorful and anime styled 3D environments, while the character themselves are seemingly well detailed and extremely expressive 2D sprites. I'm not sure whether I'm correct about that last part, but the important thing is that Away looks great in motion!

If you would like to see it for yourself you'll find the recently posted announcement trailer down below. Just bear in mind that all of the footage comes from an incredibly early version of the game, so expect to see numerous improvements between now and Away's 2017 release date. Anyway, here's the video:

Phantom Trigger screenshot of a battle with tentacle monsters

Phantom Trigger is a colorful but hardcore hack & slash sprinkled with roguelike and RPG elements. In other words, it features a deep combat system that revolves around unlocking combos and upgrading weapons, roguelike-style dungeons, and apparently even a branching story with multiple endings.

If you're wondering what all of this might look like in gameplay terms you'll find the recently posted announcement trailer right below. Just do keep in mind that all of this is footage from a pre-alpha version, so chances are some of the gameplay elements will change by the time Phantom Trigger reaches release. Anyway, here's the video:

Reflex Arena screenshot of two robots rocket jumping

If its oldschool FPS gaming that you seek, you might want to take a look at the recently released arena shooter Reflex. It features a wide array of powerful weapons, an intense focus on speed and precision, and naturally, plenty of ways for personal skill to shine.

Since trying to explain something like this through words alone is a pointless venture, allow me to share with you the launch trailer. It briefly goes over all of the important features, and it showcases plenty of pure gameplay, so you should get a good idea of what Reflex is all about. Have a look:

Syberia 3 official promo artwork

[Update]: Syberia: The World Before, the final game in the series Benoît Sokal worked on himself, is coming to PC on March 18th, 2022.

More than thirteen years have passed since Syberia 2, and if there are still any fans of the series out there you will be glad to hear that the long-awaited sequel is coming this April 25th. And for those of you that don't know anything about the series, Syberia 3 will be a 3D adventure game that will have you explore a mysterious world filled with a wide variety of intriguing characters. Despite the number three at the end Syberia 3 will tell a completely different tale from the previous two games, so don't worry about missing out on any of the story if this is your introduction to the series.

Speaking of stories, you'll find the most recent "Discover" trailer down below. It features very little in terms of actual gameplay, but it should at least give you an idea of what Syberia 3's world is like. Have a look:

P.A.M.E.L.A. official artwork and logo

Pamela is an open-world survival horror game set within the once utopian city of Eden, now nothing more than a breeding ground for otherworldly monstrosities. In order to survive you will need to learn how to utilize a wide array of high-tech weaponry and equipment, build temporary shelters and carefully manage the city's dwindling power supply, and hopefully figure out a way to get the hell out of there.

If you're wondering what all of this might look like in gameplay terms, you'll find the recently posted trailer down below. But before you do, just bear in mind that Pamela is a singleplayer-only game, despite it seemingly having many elements in common with a wide variety of survival games out there. Anyway, here's the video:

Vikings: Wolves of Midgard screenshot of a boat and a bunch of knights

Vikings: Wolves of Midgard is an upcoming action RPG, or hack and slash if you prefer that term, modeled after the Diablo series. Much like its inspiration Wolves of Midgard features a variety of enemies to chop in half, a whole bunch of loot and abilities to mess around with, and naturally, multiple difficulty levels in order to allow you to play your character for as long as you wish.

If you're interested in a brief overview of all these features, as well as a couple of glimpses at pure gameplay, you'll find the most recent trailer right below. Before you dive in I would suggest you increase your volume slightly as the soundtrack is quite ominous, but also quite intriguing at the same time. Anyway, here's the video:

Hollow Knight official artwork featuring the main character on a cliff

Hollow Knight is a hand-drawn 2D action adventure that will have you face off against monstrous hordes of enemies throughout a vast and interconnected world. It was successfully Kickstarted back in 2014, and after a refreshingly drama-free development period it has now finally arrived for PC and Mac.

If you're wondering what all of this might look like in gameplay terms, you'll find the launch trailer down below. Its definitely a bit of a strange one, but it should give you a pretty good idea of the sort of mood Hollow Knight is going for. Have a gander:

Noodle and Doodle from Snake Pass

After being extinct for well over a decade it appears that collectathon-platformers are now making their resurgence. The Banjo-Kazooie inspired Yooka-Laylee is set to arrive this April 11th, and apparently it will be having some competition as the equally cutesy Snake Pass is set to arrive on March 28th in North America, and March 29th in Europe.

As for the gameplay itself, expect to see a whole bunch of shiny collectibles and physics-based puzzles designed to make you "think like a snake". In other words, instead of jumping all over the place you'll be able to coil around bamboo, slide alongside walls, extend your body in order to reach distant places, and pretty much everything else you might imagine a snake doing. And if you ever encounter locations that are simply too far to reach, Doodle the friendly Hummingbird will gladly give you a bit of a lift.

If you're wondering what this sort of madness looks like in action, here's one of the most recent gameplay trailers. I would recommend turning on the sound if at all possible as the music is pretty damn awesome. Anyway, here's the video:

Northgard gameplay screenshot showcasing a giant sword

In the most basic terms, Northgard is a viking themed real-time strategy game from the makers of Evoland. It belongs somewhere between the Civilization and Settlers series as it features many of the same gameplay ideas, though currently its far simpler than both.

If you're wondering what all of this might look like in gameplay terms, you'll find the official launch trailer down below. Additionally, if you want a lengthy preview showcasing the first 15 minutes of a match, you'll find my gameplay showcase video right here. But for now, here's the much more succinct trailer:

Leaving Lyndow screenshot showing some lovely greenery

For those of you that might not know, Eastshade is an upcoming open-world exploration game that's all about roaming the land and soaking in the atmosphere. However, since this is Eastshade Studios first game they decided to create a small spin-off in order to test the waters and see what kind of features the community is looking for. As you can probably guess from the title, that small spin-off is Leaving Lyndow.

Much like its big brother, Leaving Lyndow is a first-person adventure game with some rather lovely visuals and a very relaxed gameplay pace. If you're wondering what all of this might look like in action, here's the most recent trailer: