A realistic looking car in GTA V.

I say aims because I don't believe its quite there yet. A lot of the images look overly dark, as if the contrast has been turned way up in order to bring out the colors.

Then again I am fully aware different people like different things so don't take my opinion as fact. Instead, allow me to show you a couple of images as well as where you can grab the mod from and you can see for yourself.

[Update from a few months later]: The mod's official page is now down so the links are no longer functional. You'll have to google around and see if anyone saved the installation file.

My suggestions for the Steam sale.

Its been a good run but all things come to an end. Today's Steam Sale is going to be the final one with the overall ending being tomorrow. Luckily the Christmas sale is just around the corner so even if you end up missing something you'll have ample opportunities to pick it up.

Here are my recommendations for the December 29th Steam Sale, the final one of this batch:

AMD Crimson logo.

This problem first crossed my path when the AMD subreddit went ablaze claiming their GPUs were going ablaze themselves due to AMD's Crimson software.

As it so turned out it wasn't just a bunch of individual incidences but rather a problem with how the driver dealt with fan speeds on overclocked cards. AMD has responded that a hotfix is coming out today but one question remains: What happens with all of the GPUs that already got burnt?

Dota 2 character in an FPS mod.

I knew that Dota 2 modding tools were going to spawn some interesting games but this soon? Incredible.

BMD's Slayer of the Ancients mod transforms the game in to a third person shooter with WASD controls. While still rough around the edges I can see this mod becoming something really special. Don't believe me? Check out the gameplay footage, I'll embed the video below.

Portal 2 themed car.

If you thought I was praising Psyonix and their Rocket League too much already then I'm afraid your head might explode given that I just realized they announced an official crossover with Portal 2.

And not only is the game getting a whole bunch of cool cosmetics, you will be able to get them completely free as after-match drops. Portal themed drops will be available from December 1st.

My steam recommendations.

Today's Steam Sale is bringing a lot of lengthy games so if you value your free time, beware!

That said, let's start with my Steam Sale recommendations for December 29:

A screenshot of a well lit character at night.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter was a visually beautiful game with a rather intriguing story but it garnered a lot of criticism due to the fact that there is basically no real "gameplay" to speak of. It is a part of the rather newly created "exploration" genre where you have no foes opposing you or difficult challenges to overcome, instead the focus is on roaming around pretty worlds solving puzzles and trying to unlock whatever mystery might be present.

Their new game however, according to a job posting, is going to be an open world action-adventure which is quite the departure from The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.