My recommendations for the steam winter sale of December 25-26

This article was supposed to come up yesterday but Steam decided to surprise everyone with an information leak for Christmas so the servers were down for a while.

The issues have now been fixed however and everything is more or less back to normal so here's my somewhat delayed, again, Steam sale recommendation list for December 25-26:

Steam servers are having caching issues so accounts are getting randomly assigned

If any of you logged in to Steam in the past few hours you might have noticed that your account is now under a different name, perhaps even a language you can't speak.

Don't worry, you haven't actually been hacked nor has your account been changed. Steam servers are currently having some massive issues related to what I assume is storing user sessions so people are getting matched with wrong accounts.

Update: According to SteamDB the issue is indeed on Valve's end and the Steam service hasn't been hacked. 

Update 2: Everything seems to be back to normal now.

Steam Sale Recommendations for December 24-25 brings you the the best deals and most interesting games out there

I'm somewhat late with today's installment given the usual craziness that happens around Christmas. But now that everyone is properly comatose from obscene amounts of cake I have a bit of time to go over some really good Steam Deals.

There are no daily deals in this Winter Sale so no matter when you end up reading this, as long as its before January 4, the discounts will still be in effect. With that said, let's start:

After years in development Grim Dawn is now finally content complete

Grim Dawn is an ARPG that has been in development for many years now, before Path of Exile or Diablo 3 were even specs on the horizon. It started off as a small pet project by a couple of old Titan Quest developers but after its Kickstarter campaign and Early Access release the scope and development speed increased rapidly.

And now, after all these years of waiting Grim Dawn is fully content complete after its latest update brought in the finale, tons of new legendary items, a new roguelike dungeon and much more.

Starcraft 2 holiday event brings double exp as well as hourly tournaments

Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void might have a really cliche story but on the gameplay front it brought in a lot of improvements such as automated tournaments, co-op game modes, nifty cosmetic rewards and a whole bunch more.

So if you were ever interested in improving yourself in SC2 or just wanted to try out some co-op with a friend now would be the time because there is a double experience event going on as well as hourly tournaments that will allow you to test your mettle at any point in the day.

Sleeping Dogs spinoff game Triad Wars is shutting down next month

Sleeping Dogs was by all accounts a very good game, an open world GTA "clone" that had an interesting narrative, some great brawler combat and a giant map to explore, all the fun stuff. So I wasn't surprised when I heard it would be getting a spin-off game but for some reason that spin-off, Triad Wars, ended up being a "not really multiplayer" multiplayer game set in a small chunk of the Sleeping Dogs world.

Despite the game being a disappointment for Sleeping Dogs fans its still a sad thing to see the Triad Wars team announce that they will be closing down the game next month, on January 20th.

Final Fantasy VI mod replaces the ugly bi-linear blurry filter

A lot of Final Fantasy games have recently been ported, or announced, for the PC and most of them look like faithful adaptations of the original games. The Final Fantasy VI port is sadly not one of those games, instead it comes with completely re-done graphics that somehow manage to look worse than those found in the SNES version.

The most annoying thing of all was the smoothing filter that was applied to everything making the whole game a blurry mess. Thankfully, a modder by the name of Nyxo has managed to remove the filter and bring the game's graphics slightly closer to the original ones.

Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition, the remastered version of the base game is now available on non PC platforms

The PC version of the enhanced edition has been out for a while now and it is a massive improvement over the base game, especially in terms of storytelling which was on the bad side of cheesy when Original Sin first launched.

And now the upgraded version has arrived to Mac, Linux and SteamOS along with numerous performance improvements that will be added to the PC version as well. RPG fans rejoice!

The Witness, a puzzle focused game by Jonathan Blow and his studio, now has official system requirements released

The Witness is the brainchild of Braid creator Jonathan Blow and while no extended gameplay videos are available its supposedly a very sophisticated puzzle game with systems that slowly build upon themselves to create more and more complex puzzles.

And despite the release date looming ever closer the system requirements are some of the biggest pieces of news that the Witness team released in recent time. Here's what type of a rig you will need:

These are today's steam sale recommendations, dated for December 22

Much like how it went down last time the Steam Sale Recommendations are here to showcase you the best deals and most interesting games available in today's Steam Winter Sale. 

Given that this Steam Sale doesn't actually have sales spread across different days I will focus on the first two sections which rotate daily and as such will give you a nice and broad spectrum of games. Naturally, if I come upon a deal that isn't a part of the first two sections but I believe is well worth your time, rest assured I will let you know.

With that said, let's start with the first day of the Steam Winter sale: