Terraria artwork for the 'final' Journey's End expansion

At this point I'm absolutely certain that the lovely folks over at Re-Logic simply do not understand what the word "final" even means. I say this because despite the 'final' Journey's End update launching all the way back in May 2020, the Terraria team is still working on creating brand new toys for us to play with!

While the exact details are still shrouded in mystery, what I can tell you is that a portion of the upcoming Update 1.4.5 will be dedicated to a crossover with Dead Cells. If previous crossovers are any judge this means that Update 1.4.5 will likely bring with it some sort of cosmetic item like a pet or costume, one of the more iconic bosses or enemies from Dead Cells, or perhaps even a bit of both!

Among Us VR official key art for the social deduction game

If you're tired of the standard version of Among Us and you're looking for something to help reignite that spark, you might be interested to hear that Among Us VR has now been unleashed for Meta Quest, Rift/Rift S and Steam VR. As the name might suggest, Among Us VR is essentially the same social deduction game as the original, though this time around you're the one personally doing all of the sneaking, vent-crawling and backstabbing, as well as occasionally running away in terror!

Besides a couple of general improvements and extra minigames, the most exciting addition that arrived with Among Us VR is proximity-based voice chat. Only being able to talk with players close to you is a great way to amplify the tension, fan the flames of paranoia, and create all of that delicious chaos that makes a match of Among Us truly enjoyable. So even though it's a relatively simple feature in the grand scheme of things, proximity chat is a real game-changer!

Deep Rock Galactic: Season 3 - Plaguefall official artwork and logo for the update

[Update #2]: Deep Rock Galactic's Lunar Festival 2023 has now arrived with silly hats and double seasonal exp.

[Update]: Deep Rock Galactic devs have shared an infographic with some truly impressive stats for 2022.

If you ever wanted to give the co-op focused Deep Rock Galactic a try, this would be the perfect time to do so. Not only is it ~67% off on Steam until November 17th, but the freshly released Season 3 - Plaguefall has also brought with it a whole bunch of new toys and objectives to mess around with.

For example, each of the four classes has received a powerful and ridiculously over-the-top grenade, the funniest of which is the Gunner's Tactical Leadburster as it's essentially a small machine gun turret masquerading as a grenade! True to its name, the Plaguefall update has also added new events and mission objectives centered around purging the highly infectious Rockpox plague so you can get back to the all-important business of earning heaps of money for the company.

Dead Cells indie crossover update Everyone is Here Vol. 2 artwork and logo

[Update #2]: Dead Cells' first 2023 expansion will be a rather ambitious crossover with Castlevania.

[Update]: As a small token of gratitude, Terraria will be adding Dead Cells crossover content at some point in 2023!

Continuing with the seemingly endless wave of new content, the Dead Cells team has now released the second and rather chunky indie crossover update. This one brings with it a variety of weapons, skills and cosmetic outfits themed after Terraria, Shovel Knight, Hotline Miami, Katana ZERO, Risk of Rain and Slay the Spire.

Out of the bunch, the Slay the Spire item is by far the most unique as it's essentially four skills in one. Each of the 'cards' comes with passive bonuses and a powerful active ability that will then switch you over to a new combination inspired by a different Slay the Spire class. It takes a little bit of time to get used to the idea of constantly switching your skillset around, but it's definitely a nice bit of fun and a solid new addition for Dead Cells!

Endoparasitic indie minimalistic, one-handed horror game artwork

Horror games frequently subject our characters to gruesome fates in order to amplify the tension and make the monsters feel more menacing, but the recently released Endoparasitic takes this concept to a whole new level. I say this because the very first thing that happens in Endoparasitic is that shadowy monsters rip off three of your limbs, thus leaving you with only one arm with which you have to do everything!

And when I say everything, I really do mean that as you'll need to use your singular appendage to push yourself along the ground, manipulate objects, and even painstakingly mess around with your own inventory. Things get especially messy in combat as you not only need to stand still in order to shoot, but you also need to manually reload your bullets one by one while the mangled monstrosities shamble towards your defenseless body. Needless to say, this makes Endoparasitic's gameplay incredibly stressful, yet also quite effective at conveying a real sense of dread since you are so frequently helpless.

Warhammer 40,000: Shootas, Blood & Teef official artwork for the Ork run & gun game

There are tons of Warhammer 40k games out there these days, though for whatever reason the vast majority of them are centered around the Imperium and feature some flavor of strategy gameplay. However, the recently released Warhammer 40,000: Shootas, Blood & Teef is a major exception as it not only forgoes strategy in favor of over-the-top action, but it also ignores the usual Space Marine nonsense in favor of giving the Orks a bit of a spotlight!

As you might imagine from a game starring Orks, Shootas, Blood & Teef is all about blasting your way through a bunch of colorful levels while shouting mostly complete and utter nonsense all throughout the process. What this sort of insanity looks like in action, that you can find out through the launch trailer below. Have a peek:

Dwarf Fortress artwork and logo for the improved Steam version

[Update]: Dwarf Fortress' new and improved version has now landed onto Steam, and I'm happy to say that it has done so alongside overwhelmingly positive reviews!.

After a fair bit of time in development, Dwarf Fortress' much-anticipated Steam port has now finally been pinned for a December 6th launch. Rather than be a simple copy of the free version, the Steam port will bring with it an assortment of quality-of-life features and improvements to make the process of learning and playing Dwarf Fortress a lot less overwhelming, especially for new players.

These features include a set of stylish visuals to better help represent what's happening in the world, an overhauled UI focused around usability and readability, Steam Workshop support to make modding easier, as well as a bunch of quality-of-life improvements and additions to help smooth out any rough edges. Most importantly, at least as far as pure beginners are concerned, the Steam version of Dwarf Fortress will also come with a comprehensive tutorial that will (hopefully) instill you with all the knowledge you need to set off on your own.

Rain World: Downpour official artwork showing off the five unique slugcats

[Update]: Rain World's Downpour expansion has now arrived, and so far it's looking quite good!

We've had to wait quite a few months since the original announcement, but the Videocult team has now finally revealed that Rain World's very first expansion will be launching onto PC on January 19th, 2023 - nearly six years after its first appearance! Consoles will also be getting the Downpour expansion, though sadly no exact release date has been announced for them just yet.

In terms of content, Downpour will bring with it ten expansive new regions to explore, over a thousand new rooms to carefully navigate, as well as five unique slugcats with their own storylines, abilities and gameplay styles. And just in case you're in the mood for something a bit trickier, Downpour will also add a Challenge Mode where you can test your slugcatting skills in a variety of different and undoubtedly devious scenarios.

Faith: The Unholy Trinity artwork showing off a priest with a shotgun

If you're looking to play something a bit out of the ordinary this Halloween season, you might want to give the freshly released Faith: The Unholy Trinity a try. As you might expect from the name alone, Faith will have you rummage through haunted forests, abandoned churches and Satanic cults in order to figure out what exactly is going on, how to stop it, and ideally how to go through all of that while retaining at least some semblance of sanity.

What this sort of madness looks like in action, as well as just how spooky 8-bit pixel art can truly be, that you can find out through the launch trailer below:

RimWorld artwork for the new Biotech expansion

If you're looking for even more toys and systems to play around with in RimWorld, you might be interested to hear that the Biotech expansion has now arrived. True to its name, Biotech brings with it gene editing technology that allows you collect and implant a variety of alien genes in order to create super-human (or perhaps super-monstrous) colonists.

Thanks to the new expansion, colonists are now also able to become pregnant and give birth - both naturally and through technological means. From there you can invest a considerable amount of time and effort into training and educating your progeny to mold them into valuable members of the colony, or if you're going for a bit of a... different strategy, pump out cheap and disposable soldiers from the new growth vats.