Terraria adorable artwork for the final Labor of Love update

[Update]: The Terraria team is working on a Dead Cells crossover, new content and cross-platform multiplayer

After quite a few teasers and previews, Terraria's final (and this time seemingly for real) update has now arrived. True to its name, the Labor of Love update brings with it a variety of quality-of-life improvements based on player feedback, a couple of pieces of new content to mess around with, and naturally, a plethora of fanservice and cross-over items to celebrate Terraria and the impact it's had on gaming as a whole.

Expect to see the ability to switch between three different gear loadouts, a much more functional void bag to help you hoard thousands of items, as well as new world seeds to explore along with fresh improvements to old ones. There's also a cast of friendly town slimes to catch, an amulet that transforms you into a spirit wolf, an assortment of balance changes, and the list goes on for a while.

Bonelab, indie VR sandbox action game, official artwork

[Update]: Bonelab has now arrived, and just as expected, it's as janky as it's fascinating.

Much like its predecessor Boneworks, the upcoming Bonelab is a VR, physics-based action game featuring levels filled with all sorts of doodads for you to mess around with, or even utilize in combat. As you would expect from a 'sequel', Bonelab will bring with it a greatly improved physics system, a larger variety of weapons and toys to chuck at enemies, as well as a brand new batch of arenas, obstacles courses and sandboxes to experiment with.

The most exciting feature by far is the ability to import a custom avatar in order to play through the game looking however you want... with the physical stats and viewpoint to match! As such, you can transform yourself into everything from an extremely small, fast and nimble character to someone so massive and bulky they could probably knock out Executioner Smough from Dark Souls without breaking a sweat.

Satisfactory indie open-world crafting game Update 6 artwork

A fair bit of time has gone by since Satisfactory's Update 5, so it should come as little surprise to hear that the newly unleashed Update 6 is quite the chunky one! It brings with it a massive rework of the Spire Coast biome, a variety of visual enhancements for the Swamp biome, as well as a boom box that can also double as a powerful weapon if you can figure out a way to overcharge it!

You can also expect to see an assortment of ammunition types for your ranged weaponry, including fancy things like homing bullets for the rifle. And if you want to go completely absurd, there's even a mini nuke to play around with. I'm sure that's never going to end in disaster for everyone involved!

Hyper Demon psychedelic indie FPS screenshot of a giant bone worm

If you're in the mood for a shooter that defies any and all expectations, you might want to give the freshly released Hyper Demon a try. It comes to us from the team behind the simplistic yet highly focused Devil Daggers, and much like its predecessor Hyper Demon is all about taking a couple of very simple gameplay mechanics and creating some incredibly tight gameplay around them.

What makes Hyper Demon so bizarre, however, is that it uses spherical projection to give you a massive peripheral vision without shrinking the center of the screen. Combine that with a holographic warning system that lets you know when you're being attacked, and you end up with a game that looks like complete and utter chaos. Yet despite how insane it all looks, it actually makes a surprising amount of sense once you really get into it and embrace the madness.

Shovel Knight Dig roguelite spin-off screenshot of a sleeping dragon

Even though Yacht Club Games are currently hard at work on Mina the Hollower, an 8-bit tribute to action-adventure games of old, you'll be happy to hear that good ol' Shovel Knight has not been forgotten. However, instead of a brand new expansion, Yacht Club Games and Nitrome have partnered up to release a dungeon-digging roguelite spin-off!

The freshly unleashed Shovel Knight Dig brings with it a mixture of hand-crafted areas and randomized elements to help encourage multiple playthroughs, along with a very familiar gameplay formula that's focused around jumping, slashing, and unsurprisingly, digging! What all of this looks like in action, however, that you can check out through the launch trailer. Have a gander:

Core Keeper and Terraria crossover artwork showing King Slime

[Update #2]: Continuing with the whole crossover theme, the Terraria team is now working on Dead Cells inspired content!

[Update]: Terraria's Labor of Love update has now arrived, and with it the crossover update is live on both games.

Terraria has done a few crossovers before, so it should come as little surprise to hear that they have announced a brand new one will be coming with the chunky Labor of Love update on September 28th. The crossover this time around will be with Core Keeper - an exploration focused adventure that shares a lot of the same gameplay ideas as Terraria.

On the Core Keeper side you can expect to see the gelatinous and ginormous King Slime as a brand new boss. Besides having to best the big ol' slime in combat, part of the challenge will also be to figure out how to summon him in the first place. Whatever the process might entail, it'll be well worth it at the end as King Slime will drop some pretty interesting loot "that will make you the envy of your fellow explorers."

Slime Rancher 2, cutesy indie exploration game, official artwork and logo

Much like the original, Slime Rancher 2 is an open world exploration game that will task you with uncovering and raising a whole assortment of cute and colorful slimes. Along the way you'll be able to research ancient technologies, mess around with new types of resources, build new gadgets to help you move around and wrangle bigger and meaner slimes, and naturally, expand your conservatory so you can properly house your growing army.

Since all of this sounds like complete and utter nonsense on paper, allow me to share with you the launch trailer. It should give you a pretty good idea of just what Slime Rancher 2 is trying to do and how adorable the little slimes truly are. Have a gander:

Terraria: Journey's End artwork showing the Autumn sunset

[Update #2]: Terraria's likely final update "Labor of Love" has now arrived with a bunch of improvements.

[Update]: Terraria and Core Keeper are doing a small crossover to celebrate the upcoming Labor of Love update.

Continuing on with their streak of 'this is totally, definitely, absolutely the final update,' the Terraria team is now getting ready to release the chunky and quality-of-life focused Labor of Love patch. If everything goes according to plan, you can expect to see the Labor of Love update land onto all platforms on September 28th, 2022!

The Labor of Love update will bring with it a couple of new challenges to overcome, a whole assortment of new items and furniture to mess around with, and even a couple of adorable new pets. As the name might suggest, there's also going to be a bunch of quality-of-life improvements, balance tweaks and bug fixes to help round everything out.

Vampire Survivors indie roguelike official artwork

[Update]: Vampire Survivors has now been unleashed from Early Access alongside a sizable content update.

After adding a massive array of new characters, weapons and maps to mess around with, Vampire Survivors is now finally getting ready to leave Early Access. As a part of this process, and in order to better represent the sheer amount of content on offer, the Vampire Survivors team has now increased the game's price tag.

Don't worry, however, as Vampire Survivors is still going to be dirt cheap. Instead of $3 as it was all throughout Early Access, Vampire Survivors will now set you back a grand total of $5. Either way, it's still well worth it.

Compound Fracture artwork and logo for the indie dinosaur survival horror game

Despite their popularity, and not to mention their qualifications, there's a surprisingly small amount of games starring dinosaurs as the main antagonists. Thankfully, the upcoming survival horror Compound Fracture will be looking to remedy that problem by pitting you against a plethora of prehistoric lizards within the confines of a ruined research facility.

While there will be a variety of guns for you to defend yourself with, ammo will be limited and hard to acquire - something best reserved for only the most desperate of situations. Instead you'll need to focus on outwitting the roaming dinosaurs, escaping conflict whenever possible, and doing whatever you can to hopefully save the hundreds of scientists still trapped inside.