Broforce Forever official artwork for the indie game's final update

In order to give Broforce the sendoff it truly deserves, an overly muscular and explosive one, Free Lives studio have now released one final update - nearly a decade after the original launch! Broforce Forever brings with it an improved and expanded campaign, six ridiculous new Bros inspired by pop culture icons, four new challenge levels, a couple of new enemies to smash, and naturally, a whole bunch of bug fixes!

Who these new characters are, as well as what sort of madness Broforce Forever is even all about, that you can check out through two of the recent trailers. Have a gander, starting with the highly patriotic musical and ending with the gameplay preview:

“Fun fact - getting this update out the door took longer than the entire rest of the game took to make,” reads the developer update. “When we started it we thought it would be funny to call it 'BROFORCE Forever', but nobody is laughing now.”

“The best way to play this update, in our opinion, is to start a new game and replay the entire campaign and enjoy that nostalgic feeling you get about that time about ten years ago when we made you feel nostalgic about a time about twenty years before that. You can perhaps consider going on an elaborate recruiting mission beforehand to find all your old bros from years ago and get them back together for one last mission. Even though they said they were done and they are too old for this shit, their sense of duty to liberty, justice and freedom will compel them to save the world from Satanic terrorist aliens - just this one last time.”

You can read a little bit more about the development of the update, as well as its final contents, over at Steam. Have fun, and don't forget to flex!