From my three or so hours played Drago's Dogma: Dark Arisen is an excellent PC port

I'm going to divide this article in to two parts, the first will be related to my gameplay experiences after 3 or so hours of playtime while the second part will be a port analysis, so if you're just looking for information on the quality of the port click here.

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen is an action RPG originally released for the Xbox 360 and PS3 back in the distant past of 2012, a savage time where some people actually believed the world is ending. It features an incredibly well realized combat system with plenty of spells and skills to chose from and most importantly, the ability to climb all over your foes and stab them where it really hurts.

My detailed review for Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India, a stealth focused 2.5D platformer

Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India is an extremely stylish 2.5D stealth/platformer hybrid with a focus on fast-paced sneaky action and exploration of some rather memorable vistas.

As a big fan of stealth games I went in to it expecting something similar to Mark of the Ninja and while Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India definitely has the makings of a truly great stealth platformer it is sadly full of untapped potential.

My review for Cally's Caves 3 - a colorful and rather difficult action platformer

Cally's Caves 3 is a colorful but rather difficult run & gun platformer with plenty of unique weapons and combat styles to chose from as well as enemies to fight.

It also features a frankly impressive amount of content. The standard playthrough will take you around 6 hours during which you will visit many different zones, find various weapons ranging from boomerangs to rocket launchers as well as a whole bunch of enemies and bosses to use them on. 

And once you're done with all of that you'll still have new game modes and levels available to you, the most interesting of which is the New Game + mode which ups the challenge and adds many new enemies for you to fight and upgrades to collect.

My detailed review of UnderRail, an isometric turn-based indie combat RPG with plenty to offer

UnderRail is an isometric, as oldschool as it gets, turn-based CRPG set in a post-apocalyptic future where the surface has been rendered uninhabitable and the remnants of the human population now live, and war against each-other, in metro tunnels and caverns surrounding them.

It features an in-depth character creation system with plenty of skills and perks to chose from as well as a nice variety of options when it comes to dealing with problems, everything from talking your way out of them to simply shooting the problem in the face.

Aviary Attorney is a lawyer/investigation game with some beautifully hand-drawn art and an interesting story

I've been following Aviary Attorney for a little while now and from the previews I knew I would most likely enjoy it. What I didn't expect is that I would be so enthralled I would complete it in single sitting.

Aviary Attorney is a visually stunning game that follows the stories of Monsieur Falcon and his witty partner Sparrowson as they take on court cases in 19th century Paris and try their very best to bumble towards justice. The gameplay is split up in to two parts, in one you gather clues and interview individuals related to your case and in the other you present that information in a court of law in an effort to free your client from guilt.

Logo for indie game ShipLord

ShipLord, despite what you might think on first glance is not a space shooter, far from it. It completely forgoes any notion of offense and instead puts the focus on dodging and timely use of defensive abilities.

Though be warned, just because there are no enemies to shoot doesn't mean you'll have an easy time as ShipLord is immensely difficult, especially if you try and go for some of the higher stage ranks.

Titan Souls logo

Titan Souls, despite what you might think from the name, has little in common with Dark Souls besides the difficulty and focus on personal improvement.

It is at its core a game based on pure technical skill that pits you, with a single arrow, against much stronger bosses and lets you figure out through failure and repetition what the road the triumph is.

I've been playing Fallout 4 for over 50 hours now and I'm still nowhere near finished with it, so if its value for your money that you're looking for its definitely there.

Bear in mind that Fallout 4 is a big game with a lot of things to cower so this review is going to be a long, detailed and spoiler-free one. Make sure you strap in and let's start at the very beginning.

A kickstarter from a small developer aiming to make something big and ambitious? These are words that usually spell doom. However in the case of CreativeForge Games and their Hard West kickstarter they need not apply.

I haven't backed the game but I did keep an eye on it during development and its impressive how much it improved over time. The first gameplay videos I've seen many months ago looked... uninspiring to say the least. But today, after a lot of patches and many changes it has become a whole new game, one that took the XCOM gameplay formula, melded it with a western influence and a dash of the supernatural, and created something unique out of it.

Its just unfortunate that more people don't know about it, so in an effort to combat that here's my review of Hard West:

Turns out I was right. Back in my Afterbirth release article I mentioned how even after a few hours I could confidently say that this is an excellent piece of DLC, and now, some 20 hours of play later I can even more confidently restate that.

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth is in my eyes the best kind of expansion/DLC, it adds new features and improvements to the base game without ruining what made the base game good. Every aspect of gameplay has received some improvement, from simple things such as new items, room layouts and enemies which shake up the usual flow of a run to more obvious additions like the new greed mode and daily challenges.

This does however mean that if you did not like The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth then Afterbirth won't be changing your mind any time soon, but for the rest of us this is one solid expansion.