Heroes of the Storm's take on Overwatch's Genji

Heroes of the Storm 2.0 is coming in the near future with a ridiculous amount of new features and changes. If you're interested in all of the currently revealed details you can find what you seek over at the official website, but for now let's focus on the most interesting part of this update - Genji!

Like ZaryaTracer, and Lucio that came before him, Heroes of the Storm's Genji will be a near-perfect replica of his Overwatch self, and yes, this does include all of his abilities! For those of you wondering what all of this might look like in action, here's the recently posted Genji spotlight video showcasing his abilities, combos, and counters:

While I do like how the developers have managed to translate Genji between games, I must admit I'm the most intrigued about all of his talents and his new ultimate. Overwatch was designed with simplicity in mind, and I don't mean that in a bad way, but there is definitely more room to explore the characters and their abilities. As such, I'm looking forward to see what the Heroes of the Storm devs can add to Genji's kit in order to potentially make him even more interesting to play!

Heroes of the Storm Genji using his Dragonblade

Heroes of the Storm Genji throwing shurikens

Hanamura from Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm Hanamura brawl