Lucio from Overwatch in Heroes of the Storm

After Zarya and Tracer it appears that Lucio will be the next Overwatch hero to join the ever-growing Heroes of the Storm roster. As you might expect, Lucio will bring with him pretty much all of the abilities that make him so amazing in Overwatch, and this includes the endlessly amusing ability to wall-ride!

If you're wondering what the Brazilian DJ might look like in Heroes of the Storm, here's the recently posted teaser trailer. Its a bit short on actual gameplay, but its enough to show that this is indeed the Lucio we know and love! Anyway, here's the video:

As far as abilities are concerned, Lucio's Wall-ride passive will give him a 20% stackable movement speed boost that lets him walk through other units, and also travel along otherwise impassable terrain. In other words, expect him to be as slippery as he is in Overwatch! Besides wall-riding Lucio also has his iconic Crossfade ability that allows him to either project a healing or speed aura to his allies, as well Amp It Up that increases the effects of both auras for a couple of seconds. And while there are no bottomless pits to throw people into, Lucio's Soundwave ability should still prove useful as its capable of damaging and knocking back anyone that gets a bit too close.

In terms of ultimate/heroic abilities, Lucio has a choice between these two: Sound Barrier - a massive, but rather brief shield that protects him and his allies, and Reverse Amp - the polar opposite of Amp It Up, where instead of healing and speeding up allies you deal damage and slow down enemies. Since we don't know the cooldowns for these abilities I won't speculate about balance, but Lucio has everything that makes him an amazing hero in Overwatch, so chances are high that he'll be a welcome addition to many Heroes of the Storm teams as well.

And finally, here's two images showcasing the boop-master in action:

Lucio from Overwatch in Heroes of the Storm using his Amp It Up ability

Heroes of the Storm version of Overwatch's Lucio wall-riding