Zarya's Heroes of the Storm Thunder Guard skin

In a universe where cyber-ninjas fight against edgy murder-ghosts a Russian weightlifter might not sound like the most interesting character, but Zarya is by far and wide my favorite hero to play in Overwatch. She's self-sufficient, incredibly strong in the right hands, and most importantly, fully capable of giving your allies a chance to regret their horrible life decisions that led to them standing right in-front of a Roadhog.

With such a team-orientated skill set on her hands, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to hear that Zarya will be the next character introduced to Blizzard's ever-growing Heroes of the Storm roster. There's currently no hero spotlight available, but Blizzard did release a video detailing all of her cosmetics, and I have to say, I want these things in Overwatch right now! Here's the video demonstrating her various skins and another upcoming hero - Alarak:


I'm not joking when I say that the Thunder Guard skin is better than all of the currently available Zarya skins in Overwatch. Though to be honest, the competition is not really that high given that the current sets either make her completely unlikable (*cough* Goth Zarya skin *cough*) or pretty much cover her from head to toe in clothing which removes much of Zarya's "I can bench more than you" personality. The Olympic skin is alright, I'll admit that much, but its not the sort of stuff you'd wear into combat against cyber-ninjas.

That whole massive diversion aside, Zarya and Alarak will be arriving to Heroes of the Storm as a part of the Machines of War update. There's currently no release date set, but given how Blizzard has done things in the past you can expect this update to hit within a week or so, with the Zarya hero spotlight most likely coming in a couple of days.