Tracer has arrived to Heroes of the Storm

Ever since the first announcement it was obvious that Blizzard is going to put in a lot of effort to ensure that Tracer makes a smooth transition from Overwatch to Heroes of the Storm, and judging by the two recently released videos, they seem to have done so admirably.

While I tend not to cover simple character additions, Tracer's recent trailer might quite possibly be the best one Blizzard has ever done for HOTS, beating even such classics as Azmodunk, the supreme ruler of the basketball court. Have a look, its well worth the minute or so:


As for Tracer herself, I have some good and bad news, depending on your perspective. The 'bad news' is that she is only currently available to those that have pre-ordered the PC version of Overwatch: Origins Edition. On the positive side, she will become available for everyone to purchase from the in-game store starting on April 26, which is thankfully less than a week from now.

If you're wondering how exactly Tracer plays, what her abilities are, and how does the whole time-jumping thing even work in Heroes of the Storm, make sure to check out the detailed spotlight video Blizzard released a few days ago: