Prison Architect Going Green expansion artwork and logo

[Update #2]: Prison Architect's Undead DLC has added the living dead, bounty hunters and numerous traps.

[Update]: Prison Architect's Free for Life update has added aging, guard seniority, and a ton of improvements.

A fair bit of time has gone by since Prison Architect's first major expansion, Island Bound, so if you're itching for more content you'll be pleased to hear that a brand new DLC has just arrived. As the name would suggest, Going Green will have you grow an assortment of crops to either sell or use in the kitchen, rehabilitate prisoners through work therapy, generate green energy, and naturally, fight against all sorts of new contraband like good ol' fashioned booze.

As for what exactly all of this looks like in actual gameplay, that you can find out through the recently posted trailer. Have a gander, it's a fairly short one:

Much like the previous DLC, Going Green is by no means mandatory and mostly serves as a bit of a distraction. In other words, if you're tired of Prison Architect and you're looking for something to make the entire game feel like new again, I'm afraid you'll not find that here. On the other hand, if you're just looking for even more toys to mess around with, then the Going Green expansion is likely to be worth checking out.

You can do so, as well as read some of the user reviews, over at Steam. Have fun, and don't forget you're actually building a prison and not just endless fields of corn. As it turns out, running a free-range prison wasn't the best idea!