Prison Architect sandbox game artwork for the Undead, Halloween themed DLC

The previous free update has added aging and everything that comes with it, while the latest Prison Architect DLC has decided to push things even further by fleshing out what happens after death. Well, according to the Undead DLC, it's an overwhelming desire to feast upon as many delicious, delicious brains as you can get your hands on!

Much like in the movies, a person infected by the zombie virus will eventually succumb and become a mindless monstrosity that will then attack everyone that is dumb enough to come near them. Should anyone get bit, that's unfortunately game over for them as zombie bites are quite deadly! So if you and your prison want to survive, you'll need to make good use of the new traps, techniques and weapons (like the always handy chainsaw) in order to push back against the undead menace!

If everything goes awry and you feel like your days are numbered, there is one last thing you can do - call for specialized help! The new bounty hunter emergency service will attempt to liberate your prison with a squad of highly trailed and heavily armed zombie hunters. They're a pricey bunch, but well worth worth the trouble as being a rich zombie doesn't really do much for you.

What all of this nonsense looks like in action, that you can get a little peek at through the reveal trailer below. Have a gander:

Besides the 3€ Undead DLC, Prison Architect has also added the free "The Kickstand" update. It brings with it a couple of new dogs to brighten up the place, three new quickrooms to help ease construction, a couple of improvements to the camera system, as well as an empty room that you can use to section off different areas of the prison without walling everything off.

You can learn more about the Undead DLC, as well as keep track of any future updates, over at Steam. Have fun smashing zombies!