Prison Architect's Free for Life update official artwork with the logo

[Update]: Prison Architect's Undead DLC has added the living dead, bounty hunters and numerous traps.

Continuing with their seemingly never-ending quest to expand the scope of the game, the Prison Architect team has just unleashed the Free for Life update. Inmates are now affected by the passage of time and will not only grow older visually, but will also change in terms of demeanor and interests. Similarly, your guards will now be able to gain promotions, and with them increased stats and special perks.

The Free for Life has also added a couple of new options and tweaks to make the prison design process go by easier and faster. Expect to see things like coordinates and grids to help you align your plans, the ability to save rooms in order to quickly clone them later down the line, as well as special utility menus for Electrical, Water and Wiring.

Yard, Shower, and Eat regimes have all been updated so when a prisoner's needs a met, they will move freely afterwards and hopefully reduce congestion and the problems that arise from it. And just to make sure you know what's going on at every moment, major events will now be recorded in real-time for both the prisoners and the prison itself.

The rest changes are far too specific to cover in brief, so if you're interested in all of the details you should head on over to the official patch notes to learn more.

Once the next big update or DLC goes live, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, have fun doing nonsense like creating a prison that exclusively houses grandpas, because why not!