Overwatch screenshot of the Winter Wonderlands Genji skin

[Update #2]: Overwatch's Year of the Tiger event has been pinned for a January 25th launch.

[Update]: Inspired by the recent experimental update, Overwatch has added bouncing arrows for Hanzo and a mid-air roll for Cassidy.

If you're itching to dive back into Overwatch to try something fresh and interesting, I bring both good and bad news. The good news is that the Winter Wonderland 2021 event has now arrived, bringing with it a whole assortment of awesome new cosmetics and repeats from the previous years.

Since it's a bit difficult to describe the new skins through words alone, allow me to share with you a brief rundown of what these festive cosmetics look like, as well as what sort of rewards you can expect to see from the three accompanying challenges. Have a peek, this year's batch really is quite lovely:

As for the bad news, well, there is sadly no actual new content on offer. Much like before, it seems that the majority of the team is currently busy with Overwatch 2 and so any sort of new additions for the original are just not a priority.

While there is a certain logic to the approach, I can't help but feel like Blizzard is squandering the absolutely massive potential behind the original Overwatch. Even a small update here and there, something as simple as the challenges they released for last year's Halloween event, would be enough to keep things fresh and interesting. But alas, it seems like Overwatch is doomed to receive only new cosmetics until Overwatch 2 is finally ready to launch, most likely at some point in 2023.

To end all of this on a positive note, however, I'm happy to say that we did at least get a tiny bit more lore to delve into! The freshly released second part of the New Blood comic is all about Cole and Ana trying to convince Pharah to join the newly reformed Overwatch, and despite the simple premise, things do actually get quite interesting. So if you're a fan of Overwatch's story, it's well worth checking out.

Enjoy, and once the next batch of experimental balance changes go live I'll make sure to let you know.