Overwatch's Halloween Terror screenshot of fox demon D.Va

[Update]: Blizzard has released the second part of the Tracer-focused London Calling comic.

Out of all the events in Overwatch, the annual Halloween Terror is always the one with the most unique and exciting skins. So I hope you've managed to save up some in-game credits, because Halloween Terror 2020 has just arrived, and it has brought with it some of the coolest costumes so far!

Rather than babble on, allow me to share with you the recently posted trailer. It'll give you a pretty good idea of what to expect from this year's cosmetic offerings, as well as which trio of skins you'll be able to get through the in-game quests. Have a peek:

As you've noticed throughout the trailer, Junkenstein's Revenge has been enhanced with six unique challenges, each of which mixes up the usual formula. Out of the two challenges currently live, one spawns an indestructible ghost that follows players around dealing heavy damage, while the other significantly speeds up the enemies. While not the most exciting thing in the world, the shake-up is certainly appreciated as it makes playing Junkenstein's Revenge for the umpteenth time a bit more interesting. Also, I'll never say no to free loot!

Besides all of the new cosmetic goodies, this update has also reworked Soldier 76's rifle. His bullet spread has been significantly reduced which should make long-ranged aiming a lot easier, though in order to compensate for this, the rifle now has a medium-strength vertical recoil. It'll likely take you a while to get used to this, but once you do, you should find Soldier 76 a lot more consistent and powerful than ever before!

You can check out the full patch notes, as well as take a peek at some of the Halloween Terror skins, over at the official website. Enjoy!