Overwatch's Year of the Tiger screenshot for Ashe

[Update]: The Year of the Tiger event has now arrived, though sadly with even less content than usual.

In order to help tide everyone over until the upcoming experimental update arrives, Blizzard will be releasing the annual Lunar New Year update this January 25th. The Year of the Tiger will bring with it an assortment of new and old cosmetics to collect, the return of capture-the-flag, as well as weekly challenges that reward additional skins, sprays and icons.

No new character skin has been revealed just yet, but if you're curious about what sort of voice lines you'll hear over and over and over again throughout the next few weeks, you can get a bit of a preview over at Twitter. As for the end date, the Year of the Tiger event will run until February 15th.

If you're hoping for some actual new content to sink your teeth into, however, I'm afraid it's highly likely this is once again going to be a simple, cosmetics-focused update. Blizzard is still in a all-hands-on-deck state with Overwatch 2, so until that's ready to launch I don't think we'll be seeing much of anything new in the original Overwatch.

It's not all bad news, however, as the third part of the New Blood comic has just recently arrived. So if you're interested in how Baptiste ended up getting involved with Overwatch, as well as how he gets along with Cassidy (formerly McCree), it's well worth checking out. So even though Overwatch 2 doesn't appear to be getting any closer, at least we're getting some juicy new lore to chew on!

Once the Year of the Tiger update goes live I'll make sure to let you know, and the same goes for the big experimental update that's currently on the horizon. Until then, you can check out some of last year's skins by hopping to the Overwatch website. Enjoy!