Reinhardt screenshot from Honor and Glory

During Blizzcon 2017 the Overwatch team unveiled one of their best animated shorts yet - Honor and Glory. Unlike the previous Mei short, Honor and Glory gave us a good look at Reinhardt as a character and what exactly made him into the protector that he is today, as well as a whole bunch of action scenes that really make me think Blizzard should just start up a movie studio one of these days.

If you found the animated short to be as enjoyable as I did, you'll be glad to hear that its Director Ben Dai has now released a brief commentary video going over the various important moments and what it took to create them. Have a look, its quite interesting:

Since there isn't much else to say about the video itself, allow me to give you a brief recap of what's happening in Overwatch's future. First of all, the 26th hero Moira is set to arrive very soon, quite possibly even later today. The reason I say this is because the upcoming free trial is set to begin on November 17th, and its star attraction will be Moira herself. In early 2018 we're going to be getting a brand new Hybrid map by the name of Blizzard World, as well as a whole bunch of cosmetics themed after various other Blizzard games.

And as a final note, if you've enjoyed the behind-the-scenes look at the Reihnard animated short, make sure to also check out this video showing off some of the earliest Overwatch gameplay. Its fascinating stuff, so if you have ~6 minutes I would highly recommend you give it a look. Enjoy!

Overwatch screenshot of a very early version of Symmetra