Overwatch screenshot of the Butcher Roadhog cosmetic

During the initial burst of announcements Blizzard revealed a brand new Hybrid Overwatch map - Blizzard World. While I still consider it to be a bit too self-referential for my tastes, I am very glad to say that it will be accompanied by some downright amazing cosmetics inspired by Blizzard's various games. In fact, the cosmetics are so good I am starting to think that Blizzard designed the entire Blizzard World map just so they could find some sort of excuse to fit them in!

You can look forward to things like Nova Widowmaker, Magni Torbjorn, Butcher Roadhog, Barbarian Zarya, and the list goes on for a while. The video quality isn't the greatest since it was ripped straight from the Blizzcon stream, but you can get a good look at new skins right below. Have a gander:

What might come as a massive surprise is that these new skins will not arrive as a part of some event, but will instead be added to the general Loot Box pool! In other words, you won't have to pay 3000 coins for these new Legendary items, they will only cost 1000. Its also worth mentioning that you shouldn't bother saving up your boxes as their contents are generated the moment you receive them, so even if you wait until the new skins arrive you'll still have a 0% chance of getting the new items.

Much like the rest of the newly announced Overwatch content, there is currently no exact release date set for these cosmetics. What I can tell you, however, is that you can expect to see them in early 2018 alongside even more (currently announced) content. Here's to hoping one of these unannounced skins will be Raynor 76, because that would be one hell of a crossover! And with that lovely thought in your head, allow me to leave you with a bunch of images showing the upcoming cosmetics, just in case you wanted to see them while they're 'standing still'. Enjoy!

Overwatch screenshot of Barbarian Zarya cosmetic

Overwatch screenshot of Magni Bronzebeard Torbjorn cosmetic

Overwatch screenshot of Eco Point Mei cosmetic

Overwatch screenshot of Blackhand Doomfist cosmetic

Overwatch screenshot of Nova Widowmaker cosmetic

Overwatch screenshot of Immortal Orisa cosmetic

Overwatch screenshot of Crusader Reihnardt cosmetic